AA Chips. Where do you keeps yours?


Well to begin. Im very grateful to be able to be able to respond to this question. Im coming up sober and clean from heroin, coke, and meth for 3 months. My routine currently is to let my 5 year old play with them. Keep the24 in pocket the taped to bathroom mirror


Huh. Picked up second chip this week. Hadn’t thought of where they go before.


Well done! I kept my first 2 in my pocket for a while. It was a good reminder.


I’d only been carrying the one, but they do make a pretty delightful jingly noise. :relaxed:


that’s so awesome


Ha! They do don’t they.


I keep mine in my wallet - which means that my two year old regularly steals them and puts them in his “magic hidey fort.”


I keep my most recent in my wallet. I also made a necklace out of a coin I received when I got out of rehab.


Haha, oh that’s so cute


Very cool :heart:


9 sober months :fist: Chip currently sitting on a mince pie.


Good strategy! This way you’ll never risk eating it as nobody likes mince pies :joy:


Whaaat?! Tbh I never used to, but now I love em. Live sprouts too!


Framed on my bedroom dresser.
One of the first things I see upon waking.


Nice presentation! :star2:


Thank you.
A constant reminder of what I have accomplished one day at a time.


I always thought these were cool. Gotta get 12 years tho😊


That’s a good looking chip, @sarahj! Congratulations. Nine months ain’t no joke!


Nice! I’m pretty impatient though haha. That could drive me insane! :wink:


Thank you! :pray: I’m feeling pretty chuffed about it.