AA Chips. Where do you keeps yours?


I keep mine where I use to keep my stash. Someone told me they made a clock out of theirs. I thought that was a great idea.


My 30 day chip was missing for a month and now been found. A sweet friend gave me this Soviet sobriety print for Xmas. So this is where they live for the time being.


Nice. And I love that print! I might have to get myself one.


First, elated to hear that magic chip found its way back to you, @aircircle! :heart:

Here, a very special Christmas gift from a very thoughtful old friend of mine: A handmade chip box with a 24 hour coin under glass on the lid. :open_mouth: So funny cuz I was just reading this thread again before she came over!


A little bling bling for the beard.


God, I wish I could have a beard.

:pray: :bearded_person:


Beards are pretty awesome. Thats my first chip, the few meetings I go to where i talk, dont give out chips. This one I normally don’t say a word at…lol, Christmas miracle i spoke up. Maybe next year Santa will bring you a beard


Swapped 5 months out of my wallet and onto shelf. And added 6 months to my wallet, just over my drivers license so i can see it whenever i open my wallet.


Never been given one.
Dunno who keeps track or presents them.


Aww, @AyBee. Here ya go: :medal_sports:

'Round my part they aren’t provided at every meeting. Chip meetings are marked ‘Birthday’ in the listings.

And exactly one person keeps track: you!


That will explain why I’ll never pick one up.


Our toddler hid my chips all over the apartment. It’s like an Easter egg hunt for alcoholics.


I saw my buddy the other day and he drills a hole through his and puts them on his key chain😀. I think I’ll do that today😉


Mine are in an old brass kettle with my mom’s remains.


I keep mine in my “toolbox” that I carry everyday in my purse. I actually thought I lost them one day and I nearly burst into tears at the thought. I never realized how much those dollar store bits of coloured plastic would mean to me. :sparkling_heart:


Always keep mine in the 5th pocket of my jeans.


I keep mine in my wallet in my purse - unless I am heading into a situation where I am liable to be in a bad headspace. Then I keep my most recent one in a pocket where I can touch it.

It’s been in my pocket a lot lately. Lol.


i have a nice 24 hour one i keep on my keys, the others i keep in a drawer w other assorted objects of importance


I’m a NA guy, so until my year in 14 days, we get keytags. Mine stays in my right pant pocket.


I don’t actually participate in AA (yet, never say never) but I read the Big book and love the traditions and philosphy, I like the idea of the chips as a reminder of my success so far and commitment to sobriety so I buy them myself. My 24hrs is in a little purse on my keys, these are on top of my jewellery box