AA Chips. Where do you keeps yours?

I keep my AA white chip in my wallet, my AA 2 year chip on a keychain with my everyday keys, wallet and keychain in the huge black purse I carry everywhere :slight_smile: I keep my NA white keytag and NA black multiple years keytag on my lanyard with my work ID (I’m working as a Peer Recovery Specialist for 13 months now and my recovery IS my qualification). I’ve done both fellowships since rehab and based on my experiences and the welcome I’ve received, I’m comfortable introducing myself as an alcoholic or an addict. Alcohol is a drug, period!


I kept my keytags on the colored plastic bracelets we were given at each stage of rehab and never took it off, even to shower! until 9 months when they got too unwieldy to run on the treadmill with haha. Now I keep my rehab graduation bracelet with all my keytags on it in my desk drawer and my white and black tags around my neck at work. I like to rub my white tag during NA meetings and remember.


The only coin I carry is my 24 hour coin. That’s the only one that matters to me. It’s a great reminder of the one day at a time rule. I love seeing everyone’s collection. You all are amazing!


My 24 hour chip stays in my pocket. I flip it between my fingers when I feel like drinking and at meetings.


I have mine out on meetings too. Im excited to get the one year and see how really glow in the dark it really is. After that only 3 more to get. 18 months and the black multiple years clean.


I give mine away to people at the meetings who are just behind me in terms of length of sobriety. Been the same girl since month 5 I think. I’ll do the same with my year chip at 18 months if god allowing Im still there and here.


Paying it forward!! Awesome.

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My chips for my months were given to my children. It showed them my commitment to myself and them. I also placed one on my fathers grave when i made my amends to him. I keep my one year chip in my cup i decorated in rehab. Its my wife and kids names and that they are my love and world. When you reach a year sober you come back to the rehab facility and pick up your cup. You share your experience strength and hope with the current patient’s and show them it is possible to live a joyous and alcohol/drug free life. If i make my 2 year sober birthday in july i will take that chip to share with my mom at her grave and make my last and most difficult but important amends to her. Makes me tear up just thinking about it. Ill write out those amends and tie them to a balloon and send it towards the heavens and leave her my chip.


Love that you made the cup! One of the coolest idea’s

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On a key chain with my keys. So in my pocket. Or as im walking through work it’s in my hand rubbing it.

Thanks. Its the rehab facility program i was so happy to complete. They have a wall of cups with yellow and black ribbons. Those are the folks that passed away before their one year to come back and get their cup. Yellow is for dying sober and black dying in addiction. Its a very powerful wall of cups.