Aa meeting?

Hi everyone hows your wkd been?
Im at day 28 of my journey !

My question this evening is how many go or went to aa?
Ive seen one has opened physically thats not too far for me to go.
But ive heard so many mixed reviews. I dont know what to expect etc
So any inside info would be good


My life was a really miserable creation. I had no moral compass to speak of. The foundation of my life was getting wasted by any means necessary. I went to the edge of insanity and death. Only thought in my head was alcohol or drugs. From the minute I woke up, all the way until I passed out.

I went to inpatient rehab. I had a contact at my local addiction clinic. I started seeking peer support in place.

What changed my life around though was 12 step meetings. It was there where I started to realize what was actually the problem I had had all my life. And with that realization came the possibility of starting to fix those issues.

Drinking and using was merely a symptom, not really the problem itself.

I go to 12 step meetings almost every day, to share my experience, strength and hope.

Been sober today some 1034 days or so.

Don’t know what kind of reviews you have been getting…but I would suggest to trust your own judgement on an issue that has to do with your life, not some hear say.

All that one needs to have success with the 12 step living is an open mind for the truth and honesty.


Well you’ve opened up a whole world of opinions on this thread but I can only talk about my experience. I tried it my way and always ended up drinking, went to AA and still ended up drinking. Shut the fuck up and did what I was told by a sponsor and worked the program and now I don’t want to drink, I’m not obsessed about it all day and I’ve never been happier. it’s based on spiritual awakening NOT religious belief and I for one love it.


Go with an open mind. The meetings here pretty much happen as normal. A couple have had to get creative to ensure social distancing.


Yes i think open mind and give it a go will be mh answer. Nothing lost big something could be gained.


I personally don’t go to meetings for a handful of reasons, but I’ve thought about it. Even so, I would encourage you to go and at least try it out, and maybe even try a few different meeting locations, if possible. AA has been very helpful for a lot of people I know, and you won’t know if you don’t give it a go. If the first group doesn’t seem to resonate with you, trying some other groups may give you the opportunity to find one that does because not every group will be exactly the same. Good luck. I hope you find something that works for you.


If you’re curious go check it out. You don’t have to commit to anything or sign up for anything. You’re the only one who will know if it’s right for you.

If you’re nervous about participating you can choose an open speaker meeting first and just sit to listen.


I’ve only been to woman AA meetings so I can’t speak for all. I’ve made some amazing friends that I can always count on.
Try it out, you’ve got nothing to lose.


Hey! So I myself am 74 days into recovery from alcohol. I have been to traditional AA meetings as well as many non traditional style, that happen to work better for me. However I will say each one has it’s own positives & negatives but some of the people you meet in each become very important for having a good support system. I would recommend checking out a few different kinds before just forming an opinion

Went to AA long time ago before some of you were born, it works if you work it and go along see whats on offer wish you well


AA I’ve recently started. It failed me in the past just attending meetings I couldn’t see the point. But it’s great this time round…

In my opinion you need the full AA recovery. Meetings, a home group, a sponsor, get straight onto step work, fellowship, service. Zoom meetings are good.
A big book! Of course sponsor wise you want someone who is dedicated to AA. And doesn’t fuck about they will teach you well.


I’ve been to many hundreds of AA/CA meetings and have done service, largely because my first rehab told me it was the ONLY way to get sober. I am still happy to go because of the connection with other people seeking sustained sobriety. I decided that the 12 step programme was not going to get me sober, and I stopped having a sponsor telling it was my fault because I wasn’t “working” the programme. I have found there are other ways to achieve sobriety. We all must find our own route that reflects our authentic self, for some it is the AA so I would recommend going to a meeting and, if you don’t like it go to a different one, because they are all different. If there are other support groups in your area try those too, and don’t overlook CA because they accommodate alcohol or any other mind altering substances as well. Good luck. :pray: