About to relapse. Help

Sex addict, New into recovery. 48 days down and feel like screaming and shattering every one of my dishes. Called up an old hookup to meet later. Part of me knows it’s wrong but how do I get past this gaping hole in my chest. I just want to feel better. Please, anyone willing to talk. I need friends right now

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Same addiction here. Don’t go back man. What I would give to be 48 days clean. Don’t throw that out for temporary pleasure

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Its never to late to turn around.

Cancel that hookup. Ur gonna end up regretting it if u don’t.

Go for a walk and clear ur mind. Get around somewhere public.

I’m lonely too. But that hookup won’t give u real love.

Just talk with me.

U have to run from the thought. Focus on something else.

That person isn’t going to fill that void. The void can only be filled with the one who is right for u. And ur never gonna find that person as long as u keep digging for someone desperate. Real love takes work and time.

I hope she didn’t do it. :confounded: I really hope she didn’t.

Still here. A crying mess on the floor, but I didn’t go


Thank goodness :disappointed_relieved:. Ok so listen. Get an ice pack and put it on ur forehead or lower back. It should help calm u down.

Cold helps calm ur hormones. Also take a little walk to clear ur mind.

I’m here to talk if u need to.

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For now just rest easy. Relax. Breathe.