Aches and pains

Well its been about 51 days since I stopped drinking this time and 108 last time with a month inbetween these two times. When I was deep into my addiction I felt constant aches inside my body and weird bubbly feeling attached to pain, Id also get strange bouts of pain in my head as well .I dont even remember how to explain how I felt.I would worry so much I had some sort of damage or cancer but my blood work came back fine.
I no longer have those weird scary pains.My body was crying out for help.It wanted me to stop so badly.
If anybody else has weird aches and pains like I did I think its time you listen to your body as well.
Stay sober my friends.:blush:


My pains would mostly be in my liver and head. I’m only on day 3, and people have told me my eyes and complexion look better. The body has an amazing way to heal itself. Thanks for sharing and congrats!


@Restlesssoul Thanks for posting. It’s encouraging how the body can usually recover so much. I had blood work and a physical before and after 13 months sober. There was a big difference. That combined with the weight loss really helped. I was even able to stop taking all BP meds. By some miracle my liver i still ok!

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Ive been a very heavy drinker for 6 years and recently started getting pains around the top of my back, ribs and chest. its the reason i decided to stop drinking. ive not had a drink for 7 days which is amazing for me. all the pains have gone. Well i think im coming down with a bug but my daughter and girlfriend are too so im not really worried about that. I really want to get fitter.

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@AngelaAngel our bodys are amazing and Im glad you are already looking healthier that’s great!

@JohnSee Im so happy your liver is okay! I was just discussing with my husband crazy it is that the liver can heal itself. We just have to keep treating it right.

@Oliverjava yes its horrible I always remind myself of your posts about it being poisen because it is!!

@Matthewuk Its one of the main reasons I quit too I was scared of what my body was telling me. 7 is amazing!!good job.I would drink heavy amounts every 2-4 days and remember trying to get sober and only making it 6 days over and over for awhile. You deserve sobriety, keep going :blush:

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Thanks. im just at a loss what to do with my hands lol. usually theres a bottle of beer in it. but hey im not waking up feeling sick

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@Matthewuk Usually I am always drinking something lol Its like the our hands just need to have something in it.
Instead I drink

Acai juice

If Im at an outing and feel left out Ill get a sprite in my wine glass (I had to do that at a winery for a friends bachlorette) or a shirley temple if I find myself at an event with a bar.Everyone always has something in their hand and it makes it easier to aviod alot of questions.People are still nosey but I think it works overall.
Hope you find something that helps :blush:

Yeah i know what you mean. i went to a pub for dinner a few days ago and just got a pepsi. However i was driving so that was an excuse why i wasnt drinking anyway. nobody except my girlfriend knows im an alcoholic. Well unless they do know but havent said anything

@Matthewuk They might know but honestly you can just say you wanted to stop drinking and start getting yourself healthy.Or that your body just cant handle it anymore that one works so they dont think you are saying they are unhealthy…which they are if they drink alot lol.I know some people who actually are allergic to beer now, or at least certain types.It happens.