Acrostic addiction poem

My son’s homework is to write an acrostic poem… after consulting Google to find out exactly what the hell that was, I thought I would give it a go and wondered if others wanted to try too? I found it quite therapeutic and you can use any word relating to your own addiction journey.

So long have I tried to give up this poison
One day at a time is all I have
Being kind to myself is the answer
Even on days I don’t like me atall
Regain control and live my best life is my goal




Albeit it’s initial appeal
Love at first taste, if you will
Catastrofic turn of events
Overshadowed everything I am
How ever hard I wanted
Only my will was not enough
Lost the battle every time
Illness progressed
Cure was not possible
Symptoms got worse by the day

After a bottom was reached
Noticed a birth of hope
Omnipotent force from within
Now had to surrender my will
Yes to the program of faith
Meaning of life was revealed
Only by service to others
Unity with my higher power
Serenity as a result

This is dedicated to the true poet of this forum @forged


Love cats, this is lovely thank you.

Fabulous thank you.

Carnality sought
Rapture caught
Anxiety knocks
Void mocks
Escape thwarted


Just thought it’d be easy
Understand that it won’t be,
Not that it should stop you
Know that doing nothing promotes mediocrity.
I know you’re more than this affliction,
Everyone needs to learn about addiction.


Diddly squat
Instead of
Their self


Cheese and cake?
How nice!
Erupting is a war of words
Semantics… Cake or Pie?
Each vehement in defence
Convinced equally of rightness
A debate still rages, variants outlined, a
Kaleidoscope of colour, taste, technique
Examples used to defend or attack…
Still no agreed answer.


These are all fantastic. I enjoy reading them thank you all.

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Whahahaha your killing it Aybee :100:

We are all the same,
Every addict shares that shame.
Equal debts we all overcome,
Do love yourself through this thunderstorm.

Half my life I knew it really
Addicted mind being the boss of me
Dear, dear son let me work my recovery.

Maybe I can make you proud one day we shall see.
Eventually I’ll get there, right time and place, I’ll look at you and see that unconditional love on your face.