Additional habits


I know quitting drinking wasnt going to make me a better person overnight.
I’m at double digits now, day 10.
I had an arguement with my wife, and I yelled. Who’s fault was it? Anyones guess honestly. However, I felt remorse and said, quitting doesnt make you a better person, but it helps as you can work on it with a clear head.
I think a lot of people dont see immediate changes and ask themselves, is being sober even worth it if nothing good comes out of it?
I’m going to make something good come out of it.
We fought three days ago and the next day I just gave love, her fault, my fault, whatever, I just gave love to it. It’s been amazing the past two days and shes been so much more loving as well.
So hes my next step, being a decent human being.
Going to set a mental timer and say, today starts my battle with additional bad habits.
I had to be sober to be able to work on those.


You’re right, getting sober alone will not make you a better person. Working and living the 12 steps will make you a better person if done honestly and thoroughly.


Good for you!!! :+1::green_heart:


Well done on 10 days for me going to meetings and getting on the program made me abetter person wish you well


My relationship has slowly, very very slowly, improved over time. I gain a little trust back each day. Long way to go. He still has nightmares about me using, poor guy.