Admitting it

I’ve been having a hard time with admitting that I have an alcohol problem. I realize now I do definitely have a problem.
Now I don’t really know where to start. I’m so embarrassed about it and don’t know how to deal with this.


Admitting we are powerless over our addictions are the first step, so good start. I would highly highly recommend getting to a meeting next week, and try to make a meeting every day the first 90 days. I know that sounds like a tall task, it’s not something I did but many people who have were and are successful. Stick around these forums, there are great people with fantastic stories and suggestions that can help guide you down your own path of recovery.

Get to meetings ASAP and frequent
Grab an AA book and start reading
Find a sponsor
Start doing step work with said sponsor

Start with those 4 easy steps and that will help steer you down a solid path of recovery.



Day 1 again. Happy that I continue to decide to start over yet ashamed that I keep giving into my habits and temptations. I use almost every time I drink and it’s so fucking frustrating that as soon as I feel that buzz I immediately want that upper to go along with it. Do I have a drinking problem or a drug problem or both? My brain has associated one with the other so the only choice I have is to put them both down and let go of the people around me that I also associate those things with. So much harder to do than to say.

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You should feel the opposite of embarrassed. Feel empowered. I know a great deal of people with an alcohol problem and they’ll never admit it, or try and treat it. Instead they’re happy to keep getting DUI’S and disorderly conduct charges.

Where to start? Well, are you able to put any number of days together sober by yourself? I could make it 10-14 days by myself quite a bit, and then ended up back in my own pit of despair so many times I didn’t bother keeping track.

I used AA, IOP, therapy and this app to get sober and stay sober. Did me a lot of good, got 19 months sober now and a whole new outlook on life. Sobriety never worked when I tried to fit it into my life, it only worked when I fit my life into my sobriety.

Hope to see you around a lot, most of us have been where you are, quite a few of us have found greener pastures too. Become part of the family.


Welcome @MandaJoy! As the others have said, you’re in great company. Admitting you have a problem is the first step. Now as @CaptAZ said try and string some days together. You CAN do this! I have a week sober after a slip up… I’ll tell you, this forum is a great resource. People here promote great energy and positive vibes. Stick around… read and post as needed. You’re in great company. I wish you the best of luck on your sober journey.


So true :+1::pray:

Stick around @MandaJoy you’ve no need to feel embarrassed here we have all been there and we all want you to succeed, welcome. X


Sounds familiar !
As said above, the first step is the hardest. But youve taken that step.

Unfortunately, that sounded familiar as well. Dont worry about it. Its shame towards ourselves, caused by a belief that its about weakness.

Its not. People usually understand and respect more than we think. And to be willing to improve yourself is a sign of strength, not of weakness :+1:

I get it,my drug and alcohol use go hand in hand,cant do 1 without the other. I managed to do a month until a week ago then i relapsed. I feel so disgusted with myself,the guilt and shame after doing so well,it triggers me to want to do more to cope with the intense feelings! I’m not good in my own company and get bored easily,get wrecked has been my ‘hobby’ for so long now I dont have much interest in anything else. All I can do is try again and keep tryin everyday until i smash the whole sobriety thing :muscle:I’ve started counselling with a drug worker and I’ve also been referred to another therapist for other issues so I’m hopefully heading in the right direction…have you considered going to AA or NA? It seems to have helped alot of people. And you can always drop me a msg if you wana chat


I have considered it but I’m from a small town and I fear seeing people I know and being judged or worse things be said to someone. Thank you I really appreciate that!

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welcome to the club @MandaJoy! :blush:

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You’re more than welcome…I understand about living in a small place where everyone knows your business,that’s why I moved to where I am now a couple months ago. Best decision I made was to start somewhere afresh. As for being judged or being seen…f*** 'em! YOU’RE the person that’s important,YOU’RE the person trying to better yourself. As hard as it is being in a small place you shouldn’t let other people stop you from getting the help & support you deserve :blush:

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I know it’s hard, but there’s no reason to feel embarrassed. It’s not our fault, it’s in our genes. We can’t control our reaction to alcohol anymore than the color of our eyes. But I understand, it took a while to come to terms, to figure out what it all means. For me, it was a lot like, say a diabetes diagnosis. It meant a lifestyle change, or overhaul (more accurately), not a death sentence. It was tough at first, but soon it gets a helluva lot better. Hang in there!!


Glad you are here!
I struggled with the embarrassment too but read something somewhere that helped: most of the western world celebrates and encourages drinking a highly addictive and poisonous substance but then has the hypocrisy to get judgemental when the substance does exactly what it was designed to do.

Made me realise that the cards were against me from the start and helped me feel empowered in taking the choice to put the bottle down. Like I was breaking the mold or something .


Thanks. You are right. I matter more than anything. I was in such a good routine and got off of it do to a shift in schedule and I fell flat on my face. Time to get back up and dust myself off again. A good learning lesson though. I’ve discovered I really want to be that sober and responsible person I was being. I think that will propel me forward to where I want to be.

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The obvious first step Souz is to get a handle on your drinking problem. It sounds like 1 drink is 1 too many. I’ve been there myself. Good luck, you can do this.

I’m in the same boat. The bad part is, I can tell someone how to fix it. But cant fox my own

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How are you doing today @Souz? Having a pretty rough 1 myself