Adulting With Out My "Bottle of comfort"

Hi! Just checking In. Today Marks 20 days Sober. I did have to get back on acamprosate though. The Want and Need to drink were too much for me to face alone. Im seeing my “primary health physician” tomorrow. Never had a Dr. in my life. That cool. I got hire today also. Ill be starting my new job Wednesday. My second A.A. metting is Tomorrow. I STILL dont want to go, But Im so devoted to this sober thing. 20 days sober n Ive accomplished so much! Imagine what I can do in a year? Now Im staying sober just to see what I do next. Its fun. Like, I never know what responsible thing Ill do next. Its fun to shock my drunkself :slight_smile:


learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable is part of the process. Keep getting better at getting better, each and every day.


It’s all uncomfortable until you find your groove. Once in your groove, you’re able to pick up speed and enjoy more.

Good work on being active for your sobriety, things like getting a GP and hitting meetings are great steps to actively pursue the life you’re moving towards.


Sober Derek doesn’t adult anymore than junkie Derek did. I’m still a giant baby. Just a sober one.


I will thank you!

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Yeah, I started baking again. So there’s that. Everyday I bake something. I loved baking when I was sober back then.


LOL well, in any case, Ive done more for myself in 20days then I have my whole life lol

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Ty :black_heart: Im pretty excited

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