Advice on quiting alcohol

I am new here and I would like some advice about quiting alcohol. I started drinking heavily at 17, drinking alone, living homeless and moving into hostels and numbing childhood trauma. About 23 I started smoking weed everyday with some beers which eventually turned into more and more amounts of both. 3 years ago I was introduced to benzos and was instantly addicted. I would smoke weed and take pills before, during and after work. I have no memory of anything during this time. I have been arrested 5 times and attempted suicide on a few occasions. January of this year I quit tablets, got help and things looked up for me. I continued to smoke weed thinking it was harmless but to be honest it made me relapse 3 more times this year, where I got arrested each time. Things just get wild when I start sleeping tablets. Finally I was able to quit pills about 6 weeks ago but this time I quit weed also. I have never been so clear as far as I can remember, I was high every day for almost a decade, shocking. I recently ran my first marathon and I landed a decent job. My issue now is that I have still been drinking almost every night, more if I am stressed or down. I dont think I am an ‘Alcoholic’ or whatever but I certainly have an addictive personality. I would love to be able to quit alcohol altogether because I get no satisfaction from it any more and it makes me feel worse every time. My addiction counsellor told me that I shouldn’t put pressure on quiting altogether and having a few isn’t a big problem. My problem is when I drink I want more than just alcohol. I hate the desire to drink everyday it feels like a burden. Anyway, hope someone can advise. Thanks all these stories are interesting, this app is great.


Welcome to our amazing community. Spend some time reading through different topics and you’ll find a lot you can relate to.

Really!? That counselor needs more education in addiction. All of us that have been where you’re at know how easy it is to trade one addiction for another. Any mind altering substance is still giving me an excuse to escape dealing with the real issue. I needed to look deep inside myself to figure out why I was turning to a substance to escape reality.


Yes well that’s what I thought because its not like I drink to socialise. Reading through these stories are great, I feel more educated already.

Appreciate the reply, thanks.


Welcome to the community! I’m not too clear on what exactly you’re asking but I would certainly recommend cutting out the alcohol as well if your question is whether not you should cut out the booze.

If you find yourself wanting more and more when you drink, that will turn into a slippery slope and lead to a bad place.

Glad you’re here!


Welcome to the forum Sean! Sounds like you’ve been putting in alot of hard for your recovery :slight_smile: I definitly think your on the right path for wanting to quit alcohol also. I have never had an issue with alcohol (but im sure that would’ve only been a matter of time)… I was always more into drugs BUT even tho I dont like drinking, I know damn well that if I did have a drink I’d end up using drugs. ANY mind altering substance that gets put into my body restarts my addictive thinking and makes the urge to use stronger. For me anyway, the only solution is complete abstinence. And I’m totally OK with that. Ya ur counselor may need abit more education on addiction lol I have heard people say not to quit everything all at once but that’s not related to mind altering substances. For example, many years ago when I tried to quit drugs, I also wanted to quit smoking cigarettes. Others advised me against that bcuz the stress from quitting smoking could potentially cause a relapse. But in my opinion, u gotta get clean and sober from everything… otherwise u end up in this vicious cycle of “trying” to control addiction. And as an addict myself, I can tell u that there’s no moderation and no control whatsoever… for me anyway. Hope u keep posting! Im glad ur here :slight_smile:


Sorry I wasn’t very clear but yeah I need more of a reason to cut the booze. I dont like doing it and always feeling ashamed the next day especially weekdays. I hate the burden of thinking about it daily. I was told that if I drink 4 days that counts as 3 wins for the days I didnt. I think it is a problem tbh and it’s just not as black and white as I once thought.

Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot.

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Thanks a lot this is exactly what I needed to read. Wish you all the best!

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It doensn’t matter how you call it is my opinion. You are here so you know you have a problem. Using one thing leads to another, so it’s better to quit all…

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If you voiced your (totally right!) concerns and desire to stop drinking to your addiction counsellor and that was his reply, he should be fired. And stay outta this line of work. :zipper_mouth_face:

You’re doing great coming here and looking for info and support on your own! And you’re of course totally right, if you’re drinking while battling other addictions and especially when you’re down and exhausted and if drinking makes you wanna do your DOC then you have a legit alcohol abuse problem (like hundreds of ppl here, me included :v:) that you need to address and take care of!
I hope you find inspiration and guidance here. There’s a lot of wisdom and experience on these pages.
Much love to you!

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Thanks for the kind words & advice. I feel like I already have a better understanding after just one day sober. I came on here because I’m sick of the cravings and having that battle on a daily basis but seeing other peoples experiences gives a huge amount of clarity and reminds me why I want to stay sober. Much love :heart:


I remember this very well. And do not miss it! :pray:
Your life can get so much easier, more manageable, more enjoyable and insghtful when you cut booze out of it. You can do it, because we are all doing it too! One day at a time, friend.


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Your counselor gave you advice. Balance that with what you said. For me, it is all or nothing, because my alcoholic mind will just keep me consuming.

Be active here, find out why you drink, work on the whys.

Reach out when you are craving…cravings will not kill you.


I like this a lot, simple logic but its stuck with me. Cheers!

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The benzos give your brain the GABA simulated stimulus stronger than alcohol

Your brain wants to feel like it did on benzos. They are a horrible class of prescription drugs that are way too addictive and damaging, mentally speaking. So, that’s what your brain is craving. Alcohol stimulates the GABA area of the brain somewhat, But nowhere near as intense as benzos.

That is what I assume is what your brain is desiring. You just gotta keep yourself occupied enough to the point where these substances lie further than the backburner. It can be hard. Congrats on the benzo sobriety, honestly, thats impressive. But alcohol and benzodiazepines…along with nicotine, are probably the top three addictive substances.

The marathon, yes. You might feel a rush of genuinely earned endorphins during, and after that feat. That is impressive. I don’t know if I could run a marathon.

But yes, just as you are already doing, rewire the brain and change your thinking by changing your environment. Go outside in nature, go running, hiking, exploring, camping, and inside, read books, paint, write, draw, make trinkets…the world is your oyster.


Extremely informative and kind, thank you so much! Wishing you all the best.

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