Advice on sobriety with little time for myself

Hi guys. This is my 2nd post. I made it 24 hours. So today is day 2. I love reading all these posts of suggestions on how to distract yourself when wanting to drink. Here’s my question. I currently have 3 young kiddos at home that I take care of full time and am unable to find time to go the gym etc. Even taking them out for a walk at times is a major endeavor. ( hope that doesn’t horrible, alcoholic with kids) Does even have experience/advice on skills to use to keep it up with little free time for themselves? Also, I love this app.


Congratulations on day two!!!

I have kids too but I work out of the house full time so it makes a difference, but I do understand about not being able to just get up and leave to go to the gym, walk, etc. Also, fitness is not really my thing, but I’m working on it.

Maybe find a second hand treadmill or work out equipment? Short walk around the block? Although with three kids a walk might not be relaxing, it would be distracting though that’s for sure lol! Trips to the beach or park for exercise?

When I was stuck at home I found this app, is a good website too with live video/audio AA meetings that you can just sit in and listen or interact if you want. Podcasts!! God I love podcasts. Pop in one earbud when I’m cooking dinner and listen to AA meetings, sober podcasts, or just any podcast that I’m feeling that day. Podcasts have been my favorite, my go to every single time.

YouTube for everything. Meditation, work outs, yoga. There are lots of little five minutes work out or yoga videos. I really liked the meditation! Five minutes to just breath… aaahhh…

I tried learning calligraphy. I read more. I tried coloring. I tried crocheting. I do puzzles now, love them!!

As long as you do anything at all to make the moment pass without drinking, you win.

I also confided in my husband and my closest friend, and dumped out every bit of alcohol in my house.

Good luck! YOU GOT THIS!!


Someone on here suggested this book and I’m like 40 percent though it… it’s very eye opening. I’m on day 2 myself. I download a digital copy of that book under my cell phone so it always goes everywhere with me. I have a gym membership myself but sometimes it’s just dotting to have to drive there park your car go put your stuff in a locker workout drive home you get my drift… do you want to get back into exercising maybe try stuff at home because when I don’t want to go to the gym I workout at home. I bought resistance bands, core sliders and one of those big body balls. I use the YouTube app on my tv which has millions of workouts for free! Jillian Michaels yoga meltdown is one of my favorites! After you quit drinking it usually takes about a week for your brain and your body to level back out but exercise releases those feel-good endorphins soda help in your recovery you could try to get into some light exercise at home it’ll help that first week recovery with the withdrawals easier. As above also podcasts are great too. I found some church sermons about addiction also some are better then others… or on YouTube they record there open speakers for AA what’s I love listening to people’s stories. Meetings are not for me I only goto the open speakers on Saturday nights in the town over front me. I’ve tried to stop drinking many many many times and nothing has worked so I went to my doc and asked about campral which is specifically a drug for alcoholism. And it’s been a few days and it seems to help me even after my super SHITTY day yesterday I did not get the urge to stop at the store for my normal routine of a 6 pack and a half pint of liquor. Good luck to you!

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Thank you so much for your response. Very helpful!

I can understand the hardship with kids. Ultimately you just need to do something, anything to distract yourself. Off the top of my head:
Play with the kids
Drop and do 10 press ups(with the kids):joy:
Clean a cupboard
Hoover the floor
Do you see where I’m going, anything as soon as the urg comes get up and do something productive to take your mind off it. It soon passes.:grinning: