Advice please?

Any tips to calm anxiety with out relapsing… into my sobriety

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Meditation works for me… you can find lots of relaxation ones on YouTube. Also just staying busy so your mind doesn’t have time to wonder. Hope it gets better for you.


Meditations, exercise and herble teas. I prefer the green ones. Find some good guided meditations on line. It can be hard to learn at first. If your mind wanders that is normal try not to get upset with your self. Just bring your focus back to your breathing.
Sometimes I say the word “calm” on the inhale. “Peaceful” on the exhale. “Tranquil” on the next inhale. “Relax” on the next exhale. And repeat.

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Look in the app store for the free app “insight timer”. You wil find loads of guided meditations in different lenghts. The app also have sleep meditation and music wich can help if you have trouble sleeping.
I also used a high dosed vitamin B complex (for the nerves) and I used CBD oil to calm down.

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For me at the beginning of sobriety I done diamond art painting, played piano tiles on an app and meditation

Either wait it out or benzos, alternative high doses of valerian root extract or lemon balm. If you are talking about withdrawal anxiety then really meds are the only option if you don’t want to suffer if it’s just every day anxiety then herbal remedies, sport, people interacting