After math of Alcohol- Anxiety

Day 1 here and we’ll looks like I’m doing this on my own. Which only I can truly make a change for myself. I have to return to work and we’ll I have the worst anxiety since not drinking. I don’t have to drink but when I do , I have to drink it all. That’s an alcoholic in my eyes. Everyone else says your fine, or just have 1 drink or two. But no one gets it. I can’t and we’ll I’m sick of calling into work and feeling like sh*t . I want more for me. Guess no question just need to vent. Oh and say hi I’m here let’s do this! Thank you


Welcome partner, no one has to do it on their own. Tons of support when you look for it.

It’s up to you not to give yourself permission for the most dangerous drink, the first drink, but there are hands everywhere to help you along the way. Reach out for help before you reach out for a drink.

Stick around, make friends, get into the middle of the pack.


There are a lot of people here, in your situation, I definitely am. You are not alone in your struggle.

I can identify with the stresses you describe.

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welcome! i’m very similar to you. so many folks said, you dont have a problem! you’re not an alcoholic! but when i start, i dont want to stop. i didn’t fall down drunk every time i drank, but it was problematic in my eyes. we’re happy you’re here! :heart: