After relapse

What would your first morning after an all day binge look like? How do you get through the shakes and anxiety the ones that make you want to drink “just one more” to get ride of the hangover and the shakes
Nausea… how do you deal with knowing that you made a mistake and you know you can get back on track!!
I want to feel good, how would your first morning look after relapse? And how do you get through the day?

Give yourself kindness stay in bed drink water eat food take showe teeth basic needs are sooooo important.havecavmovievdayv,start a journal to remind ysself how shitty it felt the day after.:pray: Curl up in a ball if needs be but don’t take that first hit


Write down how you are feeling this morning, so you can look at it later when you are tempted to drink. Once you get through the first day, just know you never have to feel like that again as long as you don’t take the first drink.

But yeah, the first week is pretty horrible. Take care of yourself while your body heals. Sending you positive thoughts.


I don’t plan for a relapse because then I’m just planning to relapse.


I am past relapse now I was asking for help because I relapsed that night and I wanted help for that morning to get through it. I didnt plan anything. But thanks for your well thought out reply friend

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