Again and again and again

First time posting on here. I once again had to reset my counter and have that feeling inside we all know. I’m so tired of it. I’m going to tell my story sometime soon. Drinking sucks.


I’d love to hear your story when you’re ready to tell it! Welcome!

Hey thanks! I’m glad to be here. Hopefully for good

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Hi Tyler, don’t be too hard on yourself, something I found helpful is understanding the cycle of change and I can summarise as below:
Step 1 education and understanding
Step 2 develop conviction
Step 3 action and change
Step 4 maintenance

The reality is human nature and our habits are hard to change and we spend a long time going through the initial stages before we succeed at stages 3 and 4. Just keep going and try to learn from the set backs because that’s all they are. You’ll get there in the end if you keep trying. I’m on day 5 again! X

Hi tyler! Stay here! For me it helps to watch every morning my days ( almost 25…) , tell myself " just for today and easy does it today" , remind me of how hard it sucked the day after ( no thanks, i want an extra day sober!), be thankfull for the day at the evening and remind me of the positive stuff of the sober day ( just a prayer talk to whatever here’s above in heaven that helps me, my Higher Power - even if the picture of it is not clear yet, and reply on you all ( never had such great friends who are every day around and understand without criticism), always turn to you all in moments of blééh feelings (they dissapear immediately if i read something on the forum)…hug🐢


I’ve got reset a few times lately too. After each time I feel worse than the last. This place has been great so far though and I love seeing advice from ppl who have been sober for a long time. Gives me so much hope .

Thanks for sharing @Tyler. For me,it takes a bit more than a tracker app to keep me sober. It’s good for me to plug into the community and share what’s going on with me each day. It helps a lot. Glad you started to post. We’ll support you. Welcome to the community. You can do this!

I have found that initially the tracker was just an indicator and not that much of a trigger not to drink. As the days not drinking grew i have found its role changed from being just a counter to a form of goal to see how many days i could get to. Hopefully eventually i will just not drink and the counnter will become itrelevant once again