Again ...... fucked up

I messed up after 26 days … AGAIN… when am I gonna learn … i have felony court right now too what a fucking night im scared that im not gonna walk out

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Welcome to the community… Glad you’re here… :blush:

Thanks … means alot

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You’re very welcome… Stick around, you will find a bunch of people on here with similar issues that are working together to get out lives back in order/ for some maybe even in order for the first time… But together we can make that happen!!! :point_up::blush::100:


Perhaps now’s the time to learn!
Take ownership of where you find yourself, stand up and look forward.
Only you can make the move to be a better person.
Set the goal and don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way.


Maybe a break is what you need ,i hope it doesn’t turn out that way but it may be a blessing in disguise ,I’ve been to prison and i had no choice but to get clean.pick up where you left off 27 days is amazing dust off pick up.


I cant say dont be to hard on yourself as I am hard on myself. After 41 years of hard drinking I decided i had enough last july and quit. I lasted maybe 36 hours and relapsed. Almost back to my old ways and said enough is enough and tried again. On my own was not working so started attending A A meetings every night. Met some great people. Helped lots, got my 24 hour chip, then my 30 day. I was so happy I went and celebrated. What an ass i was. Started over again but would not accept my next 24 hour or 30 day chip cuz i did not deserve them.waited 90 day to get the 30 and celebrated again. At that point i felt hopeless and helpless. After 9 months now i have one more month to get get my 6 month chip. Hopefully i dont celebrate again. It may seem like small insignificant rewards for staying sober but the chips along with the help of my new friends at A A, and my family are now keeping me on track. I say the serenity prayer alot and try to live by the big book as best I can. I have also learned that a relapse is good in the sence that it did remind me why I wanted to quit for sure this time. I am a better person when sober. Good luck and keep trying. You will succeed.


I hope you get it this time too!

Keeping on fighting the good fight is what matters…good for you for preservering!

Sober life = our best life :raised_hands::blush::muscle: