Ahh gender dysphoria recovery

As I’m trying hard to ’ cure ’ my gender/body dysphoria, I decided to start binding my chest. I had to make one from an old swimsuit because my parents wouldn’t approve buying one.

I’m feeling much better after looking in the mirror with the illusion of a flatter chest. I’ve had these struggles since age 7 and I feel very relieved. In the future I might workout to build muscle.

Anyways y’all how’s your day been?


That’s awesome that you got crafty and made something yourself. Building some muscle could help for sure. Are you thinking you would like to transition? One of my friends had a daughter (Sadie) who at 14 (last year) told her that he’d like to be referred to as Tom and will begin transition from female to male (he’s currently doing hormone therapy). He is so much happier now, and the parents are very supportive, also the school has an amazing LGBTQ :rainbow_flag: community!

I don’t know if I will fully transition ftm. It’s more that I want to look neutral. Btw I wish Tom a lot of happiness and health!


My wife battles gender dysphoria. Currently she’s transitioning from mtf. She’s been on hormones since July. She has three more appointments before they can write off on bottom and top surgery but she has to be on her hormones for at least a year before surgeries can happen. :sparkling_heart:

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Are your parents being supportive? :sparkling_heart:
We have family that is not ok with my wives decision. We have two kids and so people are being brutal about it. It is what it is. It’s our lives not theirs. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Gender dysphoria can be so hard to go through. Keep strong! Also my day is going well thanks how about yours?

My parents accept it but don’t support. So I kinda have to do things myself ;-;
And good luck to your wife with transitioning :sparkling_heart:


Omg same dude! Nice to know someone here gets it, though it does stink.

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Oh My, ace bandages… Does he have a proper binder now? Btw I live in the Netherlands and that country literally screams Lgtbt :joy: So it will be okay


I’m sorry they’re not being supportive. Hopefully in time they’ll come around. Thank you so much. :sparkling_heart:

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I am glad you are feeling much better!! So sorry your parents dont support you.

Hi there

Its lovely to meet you here, I am a theatre director and recently I had the good fortune to direct a play by my best friend Joey. The show was called Dirty and it was about Joey’s transition and how positive and also challenging that process was for them. In the process of making the play I had the opportunity to meet with a number of artists who make interesting work that explores gender and all of its different meanings. Joey as a public facing artist and performer loves meeting new people from across the world, making friends and essentially being available to people to chat. Here is a link to Joey’s web site, I would be happy to introduce you both if you like, please dont feel you have to though.


Also if you are on Instagram check out the feed of a person called Buck Angel, they are a wonderful person who has lots of gorgeous things to say and is super accessible. They refer to themselves as Tranpa.

Another terrific artist is Cassilis and they make amazing and strange performance events that look at the trans body and the politics around that, a recent piece they made was called PISSED and was about legislation in the US that prohibits what public bathrooms trans people can use, Cassilis stored up 200 gallons of urine and presented it in a glass tank in an art gallery. It was pretty wild.


If any of this interests you and you fancy geeking out over more artists work give me a nudge. There are some wild and wonderful artists out there making radical and interesting things and art can be a great way to explore and learn. Best wishes to you.

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Thank you!