Ain’t it nice

Ain’t it nice to wake up in the morning feeling fresh and not worrying if I made enough ice cubes last night to have a drink this morning, absolutely is. I used to go to bed drunk and make sure I had enough ice made that as soon as I got up in the morning I could make a drink after I had my coffee at 6am. Felt the craving to do that this morning, not sure if that’s a habit I built, or part of addiction or both. Either way I had another successful night without alcohol and just had coffee only this morning, absolutely worth it. Just figured I’d share my thoughts this morning, this forum helps me a lot and everyone is so helpful. Thanks for reading and have a great sober day/night, stay strong friends. :grinning:.



I hear you on that! Congrats on another day :slight_smile: I have 4 days today and I’ve noticed that I love waking up clean and sober without that urge to use or feeling regret or being broke etc. I’m drinking coffee right now too! And it feels good :slight_smile:

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You are not kidding, ugh use to do the same. Wake up at like 9 crack a beer. Pass out around 2 drunk, wake up at like 530 6 and repeat. Call in to work bc I was to hung over and needed to start drinking more. Yep f### that. Good job on 9 days man


I feel your freedom, enjoy enjoy enjoy,I purposely get up early now just to enjoy my mornings and not being a slave to. My doc