Alcohol and appetite

Has anyone just felt full off drinking istead of more hungry?

I feel like I eat a lot more now that I stopped drinking. Is that what you mean?

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Yes, alcohol zaps my appetite, but then after a few hours goes by and it’s late at night then I’m starving. I can’t feel that full feeling since I’m still buzzed so then I overeat!

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I’ve noticed if I am not eating correctly/consistently that craving alcohol becomes a thing. When I’m nourished and feel that I have all i need to “survive” it’s not as big of a problem. Addiction mimicks hunger in the sense that the body and mind have confused it with necessity. Much like we need food and water.


I ate loads more sugary foods when i stopped drinking


I have been eating sugary foods as well since becoming sober… it sucks!

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Still better than drinking


Quite normal, and the cravings for sweets diminish over time, at least that seems to be the general experience here. I didn’t have a big sweet tooth when actively drinking, but craved sweets for about a month or too, if I recall. Back to normal now.

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I’m hoping these cookies cravings stop soon! :woman_facepalming:t3:

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