Alcohol and Marijuana

I don’t know why I am able to become sober from alcohol and every other drug but now I’m struggling with marijuana… I was doing so good, no drugs and no alcohol for years and then one day I decided to see what the weed dispensary was all about…
It’s been 2 months of on and off relapses and I’m so tired of it. Everywhere I look there is a weed shop. I try to tell myself it’s no different than a liquor store but I still can’t quit. I’m so frustrated and I can tell my lifestyle is changing for the worse.

My last hit was at 6pm and I am out of weed. I told myself this is it, I have to change so here’s to trying again!


Welcome back :innocent:

Addiction is basically running away and numbing. If the idea of running away and numbing is floating around, then it’s easier to slide down that slope.

Take care and don’t give up. Take some time to think about what you want to be living for - that might help you get away from that habit of non-living, in drugs and booze.


I don’t know your story…but if you put down alcohol and some harder drugs as well…good on you man. Harm reduction is a good thing. Don’t take that away from yourself. Its a process. I wish you the best