Alcohol is everywhere!

I never realized how much alcohol is ingrained into my daily life until I started staying sober. It is paired with pedicures, birthday parties holiday events, date night, brunch…the list could go on and on. I am 32 days into my sobriety and I have had my first exposure and win. I watched a you tube video about practicing what you will say and having a script for when alcohol is presented in different situations.
Today, I wanted to do something special to celebrate my 30 days. I wanted a pedicure. I paused at this thought because I knew I would be asked if I wanted a drink. In the past it was red wine, always red wine. I felt I was up to the challenge and I deserved the treat. On the way to the salon I practiced saying I would like a Coke. I am currently getting my nails done and sipping a soda. It is a good day!!


Good for you!! It gets a little easier to make better choices. I perfer juice and tea, even at a brunch, I like orange juice in a glass flute; I even put fruit in it like it’s a mimosa - I can pretend. :wink: I am 1 year and 7 months sober, I enjoy mocktails and finding things to do that doesn’t involve drinking. It’s a challenge but I love challenges. :heart: Keep going! You’ve got this.


Awesome job! I’m nervous about my sister’s wedding coming up. I’ll have to practice some myself. Good idea


I have many situations that are going to arise with the holidays. I am going to practice my script, have a plan of action. I plan to try these small challenges to get my skills up and then decide my plan of action for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and my brother’s wedding in Mexico in January.

Mmmmm…the holidays are gonna be a challenge. I’m 10 days today! Gotta be strong. Our minds are very powerful things.

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