Alcohol taken over my life

On my 2nd day sober really gotten out of hand now. Managed to go 110 days a couple of months back but seem to be really struggling getting the grips with it this time


Congratulations on day 2 :grin:

I struggled this time round, harder than before.
Iv managed 27 days so far, and this community is so helpful for my recovery.
I never really connected or opened up to people about my addiction (mine is alcohol/cocaine) but spending the past few weeks here i have found how beneficial it has been and i hope it does the same for you too.

Theres plenty to read here and lots of support from the community here, stick with us.

Your not alone we are all here for you,

Together we are sronger :slightly_smiling_face:

If things get tough speak here to us, everyone really cares and the positive impact it can have on our journeys to recovery is amazing.

Take one day at a time, your doing great.


Welcome. This is a great place to be. Loads of great info. What things are you doing to stay sober?


Did therapy last time but would like to go without this time I have
a book to read so I must start reading that as u hope this group can help

Try a meeting they will help wish you well


Welcome Lance! I think the word struggling gets a bad rap. It’s perceived as a bad thing. I prefer to see it another way. If you are still struggling, you are still fighting. You haven’t given up and you are still trying. Congrats on day 2! Keep fighting/struggling!


Thanks just tracey

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Thanks Ray

Is there animious meetings online