Alcohol trends in your country


Was thinking about what exuses to make in social setting from now on.
Got me thinking about the “new” trend in Norway to not drink at at all. The younger genaration drinks way less now and go out in the weekends sober. Great trend! :grinning:
How is the general alchol culture in your country? Is laws tightening in around it?


The alcohol consumption in Europe decreases, except in Germany, we still drink way too much. I think I have nothing to add there, it’s just sad :frowning:


I see… the beer culture has a long history with the Hansa places i guess? Not changing among the teenagers either?


Studies say that teenagers drink less, that’s good. But there is still not enough education here concerning alcohol. More and more AA counseling centers close. Most people just don’t think about it, it’s just normal to drink it at a club or even before getting into a club. Many don’t know that they already have a problem.
But I also think it’s a regional thing. I live near a big city with a lot of history concerning beer, another big town nearby is cologne where alcohol consumption is also common. I grew up in a small village in the southern woods of Germany where alcohol was not common.


I’ve heard (though I’m not convinced) that in Canada drinking is on the decrease with the younger generation…but honestly I don’t think that means they are more sober…I just think they’ve switched to cannabis. Especially now that it is legal.


Legal? Seriously???


In the US alcohol is so engrained in our culture, it is everywhere. Even in the unsuspecting places like movie theatres, musical performances in cathedrals (ever drink beers in God’s house? raises hand), heck even Disneyland (sorta) freely sells beer, wine and liquor.

In college it’s sort of the right of passage to binge drink (I never went, but I’ve heard stories).

It seems to be the center piece of every social function.

People fool themselves too. Just because your drinking hand crafted small batch IPA doesn’t make you any less an alcoholic than that bum passed out on the sidewalk (that was me Edit: that was me drinking IPA). Wine too. There’s this open acceptance with wine and women. Memes on FB on how wine makes everything better. Or drinking games with wine. People laugh at it like alcoholism is funny. It’s sad though. When you step back and look at it at the 10,000 foot level; it is sickening.

I feel bad for my kids. They have to grow up in a society that has this condition, where alcoholism is not only accepted but encouraged, that is until you say have a problem or never participated in the first place, then your shunned.

Bit of a rant, but that’s the state of our culture according to me.


This basically represents the area I live in to a T; West coast of USA.


Yes. Recreational cannibis was legalized in Canada in October.


I can’t find the meme now, but the one that says, “Thanks, craft breweries, for making my drinking problem seem like a neat hobby!” The jokes and quaint bric-à-brac hanging proudly in homes, extolling the virtues of habitual drinking. It’s bizarre, as you say, looking at it from a distance.

I don’t know the actual numbers, but the cultural signs in the States are troublesome. Even drunk me was genuinely disappointed last year when I visited home to find our theater ripped out the arcade (and Time Crisis :angry:) to put in a full-service bar.


I find the same with wine…or “mommy juice”. They made it cool to drink wine at playdates. I even read that alcohol abuse among women to be higher than ever before and continuing to rise and I’m sure it is partly because of this whole “mommy juice” culture.


Mommy juice? What the???


The difference is with all those other people that drink, even heavily, is that Goat is an alcoholic and they are not.

God bless those that can drink like a normal person!


I think there’s a bigger issue under this wine and mom epidemic, I don’t think it’s solely because it’s more commonly accepted. I think it’s just getting harder to be a mother (or the parent that is more relied on to do the upbringing) because they have a lot more responsibilities these days, work working full time on top of the child rearing. There needs to be more mental health support all around it seems.


Heh, yep. I almost threw down the “mommy juice” thing above.

For guys the whole craft beer thing is twisted. In truth all that stuff smelled/tasted like crap to me. The beer, the wine, it’s literally stuff that was left to sit and rot somewhere. I still listen to my buddies go on about it sometimes and only hear how I used to fool myself.

It ain’t for me.


Disneyland?? Really? :open_mouth:


Can see the same thing with mommy juice here to.(never ever heard such a disgusting word before)
As todays teenager and young adult often chooses to stay 100% off alcohol the females around 40 drinks more than ever. Often more than men. But so glad the younger see alcohol as a tacky thing.


Yeah…been thinking a lot about this. But cant stop wonder if we use it as an exuse?


Yup, the California Adventure park sells booze. It’s right next to Disneyland so basically the same thing. I was there last night, in line for a ride and “seemed” like everyone had a beer, wine or cocktail in their hands. A few people obviously had one too many.

I put “seemed” in quotes because I only notice what I notice. Sure not EVERYONE had a drink in hand, I’m someone and I didn’t have a drink.:grin:


I for sure see it being used as an excuse as well, it’s so accessable. It’s like a go to mind number that is accepted by society and sold everywhere. So why try to find healthier outlets?