Alcoholic Nightmares

Okay, here’s the nightmare. I’m on a game show called Let’s Make a Drug Deal. I can choose one of three doors. Behind one door is a lifetime of sobriety. Behind another door is a lifetime of chronic alcohol and drug abuse. And behind another door is a lion who will devour me. I always pick door two. And that’s when I wake up trembling. What the hell.

I just posted this yesterday too.
I have the booze dreams as well

It is your sub conscience at work, it is likely reminding you of old choices and waken up feeling confused and anxious probably. This is a good thing as I’m sure you would choose door one in real life.

Perhaps the “forever” part of door one is a message too, are you fretting about forever sobriety? If so you have to stop worrying about the future and forever and live in the here and now.

It’s just a dream though so I wouldn’t get too wound up about it and the positive thing is you woke up sober :smiley: