Alcoholism day 3 of recovery

Day 3 still feeling pretty shook. Anyone in the same boat


My first 5 days, I attempted suicide twice. Both times I somehow talked my way out of 5150.

This brain disease affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Stopping is only phase one of four. Daily meetings helped me.

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Heard a couple neat phrases in an NA meeting this afternoon, maybe they will speak to you too!
We need to beat ourselves up with a feather in early recovery.
A member with 17 years described his transition to current life in recovery as: “Like the 3 Little Pigs, I wanted the brick house this time!!”

I hope you can stick to the feather when you are feeling down on your self or past, and I hope you can find all the support you need for the foundation of a BRICK house of recovery so no one and nothing can blow it down!

From a fellow alcoholic/addict


Yea I’m not feeling too good in myself. Hoping to start feeling better soon

Just hang in there. Hydrate, vitamins and let go of the first thought cause it’s gonna be super irrational. Helped me to get out and walk with some jams in my headphones.

Hate this mental torture. Cannot believe I’m here once again. On a merry go round :sob:

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Yeah, gotta walk through the fire to get out of it.

Remind yourself, this is hard, this is abnormal, this is doable.

I drank every day for years, coming up on 23 months sober, if a low bottom, abusive, irresponsible drunk like me can get sober than so can you.

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Remember it does get better. I had a terrible first few weeks but it’s so worth it to come out the other side x


hang in there… i remember the last time i stopped and it took 3 days to start feeling different… not to feel great, but to Start feeling better. stay strong, and focused, remember why you are doing this, remember those blah feelings are only temporary, but you have to give it the patience for them to go away. And if they are going to be there you may as well let it motivate you to becoming stronger in your decision. you got this :slight_smile:

Almost to day 2 for me.

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Just hit day three. The headache is getting to me.

Hi, am a few days ahead. I can assure you the headaches reduce, but hydration is key. Voices are getting quieter too, less frequent even. Its hard graft and mentally draining, but so many wise and experienced people on here help you know it’s worthwhile, I’m doing this, you’re doing this. Keep reading, stay positive x


Hay lovely. It’s so lovely to see you shining. X


Ploughing through my second weekend @natnat You’ve helped!! I am feeling proud :heart:


How are you doing @natnat? X

Yay I’m very proud of you. I’m ok thankyou. I’ll be even better at 4pm when I finish work!!! X

Sounds as if you’ve already jumped off the merry go round… Great work… Something I told myself and continue to tell myself when needed… That’s a ride we can’t get on ever again or the misery won’t ever end… Stay strong, stay here… This is an environment where people care…:point_up::blush::100:


Try some chocolate, almonds and/or ice cream. This helped me through my first week or two. Currently drinking coffee constantly but almost all my triggers are gone.