All Inclusive 100 Days Challenge Thread!

As we all know goals are an important part of recovery and life in general! Do you have a specific 100 Day goal for something that is important to YOU? Well post it here to get encouragement, show personal accountability and inspire others! A reminder to be respectful of others who are on their own personal journey and focusing on things that you may not understand.


I am going to challenge myself to do
• the next 100 days sober from alcohol
• the next 100 days sober from self harm
• the next 100 days eating at least 2 meals a day.



100 Days of everyday:

A WATL meeting
Journaling (at least a little - even if it’s laying something down in this forum)
Homework - at least an hour a day - instead of trying to fit a full week’s hours into the due date!

Edited to Add: Posting in the gratitude thread
Washing my face before bed, something I have never really done.

Good idea!


My challenge for the next 100 days is to not video game, to only use video platforms for non-recreational needs and to completely avoid watching TV/streaming services.
Despite my 1000+ days of not gaming, my current attempt of 15 days is the longest I’ve had without all three types of entertainment. In my recovery it has always been either YouTube or TV that I’d be abusing at any given moment. So this will proof to be challenging.

I will also brush my teeth everyday for those 100 days as that is something I struggle with a lot. And this also has a massive negative impact on my self-image. How can I be a store manager if I can’t even brush my teeth everyday?


I’m needing to exercise and move my body more…100 days of stretches, exercise or any type of body movement would be my goal


Day 3. I had already set the goal of :100: days before I saw this thread.

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I am sure I could find it if I read around a little but what is WATL?

Google gave me the World Axe Throwing League. Which sounds awesome! But I suspect not what you have planned.

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We are the Luckiest or The Luckiest Club, Laura McKowen’s group, after her book title. It’s just a pretty freaking awesome group of people. It’s subscription-based and worth every penny to me.
If you ever saw me attempt axe throwing, you’d be certain that wasn’t it! :axe: :dart:

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