Almost 2 days clean and DETERMINED

I Have been an addict for 8 years. First 5 years on opiates and last 3 on Suboxone. Right now it is 4:36 p.m. where I live. Yesterday at 10:00 a.m. I took my last piece of Suboxone. Right now I am going through hell but I’m determined to make it and get passed these physical withdrawals. The mental side of it is not and has never been the hard part for me. Once I physically feel better than I’m just fine without anything. I did it once and made it to 12 days. I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel right around 6 days and thought I could do one more and be just fine. I was wrong. I can either suffer these other 5 days or so and get it over with, or get more Suboxone and in 5 days wish like hell I had just gone through with it. I’m VERY detemined this time to get clean and stay clean. I really hope I can do it this time…


Believing and having faith that we can do this is a great first step to a successful recovery:)

@Hopeless_dope_addict you can do this! I think I told you this before…walk through the hell and keep going…Remember it so you never have to do it again. Be one of the blessed that GETS to be sober. Not everyone has that chance.

I am day 2 and sober. Had a relatively good day…stayed busy…feeling bloated and cramp. Also my skin is itching badly!!

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@Lisa_Taylor the itching is your nerve endings trying to repair. I had it too, it won’t last long. We put our bodies and minds through the ringer so it’s amazing how we can reverse a lot of damage by stopping the culprit.

Thanks…how long will it last

A few days most likely. A warm bath and lotion afterwards helps

Thanks! A bath sounds like a good idea! Hopefully I will get some sleep tonight

Hi @Hopeless_dope_addict. I went back and read your intro also. You can do this, especially if you feel determined. But you are going to have to change your screen name to something more positive! :relaxed: