Almost 5 months sober!

It is incredible the way you feel/look/ and noticable actions change once being saved by the grace of god, and putting an end to your addiction. I still got forever to go, but this is good. Anyone out there struggling please reach out. We need you, I need you. We got each other! 2074408090. Text/call/ reach out. The struggle is real but YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!


Nice offer Joe for me i wouldnt put my number up ,maybe PM might be more positive ,well done on 5 months buddy


Congrats!!! It does change you. I was at my friend’s wedding on Friday night and her kids flat out didn’t recognize me. The guy who I went with, who the bride introduced me to when I was getting sober, told me that I pretty much look completely different. He came to my apartment multiple times to scrape me off the floor and make sure I didn’t die. He’s got like 20 something years sober. It’s in the mid to high 20’s. He’s a great friend.

I was so heartbroken that they didn’t remember me, but all of the people I had not seen in a while were blown away. Felt good man.

You look very healthy and happy. Thanks for posting this.

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You’re looking good and healthy man, keep up the hard work and stay strong :metal:

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