Almost made it

First off I want to apologize if what I’m about to say will trigger anyone and I respect the choice made to take this down.

For the first time in awhile I came home to an empty house after work (our son and her went to UW Platteville to visit her brother). I worked 3rd for about 7 years. Of those 4 my wife and I have been together. So for 4 years I came home to an empty house full of booze. That was where my problem came into full swing. I have been on days for maybe a year and sober just shy of 6 months. I was highly worried about this weekend. But, here I am night 2 alone. Sober, in bed with our dog, and reading the anonymous press mini edition. What I had feared most, i have concerned!


I don’t get what’s triggering about this?

Ive wondered the same for certain things ive read. However everyone is different and for that I wasnt sure.


Stay strong friend! Even though you’re alone, this weekend is like last when you were sober. The will to say no is inside YOU and no one else. You got it!

I was not trying to be rude in any way, I was legitimately trying to find anything remotely triggering!! You’re doing great, don’t give in! It’s never worth it

The home alone trigger. While everyone is away you want to play. I just had that this weekend myself. Have made it through with help from my sponsor and went to meetings and stayed in contact with other aa members. Am feeling heaps better now knowing my wife will be home soon.

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Sorry for the late response. I didnt think you were trying to be rude. So no worries

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