Almost to 4 days off vics... Heart is racing, big ANXIETY

Anyone in here quit vicodin? I’ve tried every month for the last year, at least once a month. This is always where I fail… day 4 almost to the hour everytime… Like I made it through the tough part and have proven I’m strong, might as well reward myself… It’s just once… then I’ll skip a day or two and get right back into everyday again… I only take 5 or 6/day, but have been for over a decade now (minus a year I was clean)… That itch is getting so hard to ignore… Recommendations?

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Welcome to the forum! I’m sure you’ll find that you can relate with others that don’t share the same DOC. Read around and take what you need, and leave the rest.

I abused oxycodone for years. Initially, I started taking it as prescribed for pain but as time went on, I became addicted. Eventually I had spinal surgery to relieve the pain but continued taking oxys because of my addiction. When I finally decided enough was enough, I immersed myself into a recovery program. I had to go to detox because the withdrawals were unberable. After detox, I went to an intensive outpatient program, then onto AA (NA is not easily accessible in my area). By working a program, I was able to address the underlying issues causing my addiction. I’m now 3.5 years clean and can honestly say I never want to return to that lifestyle again nor experience the horrible withdrawal. Learning to live life on life’s terms has made all the difference.


Ty! Just knowing it’s possible helps…