Almost to double digits!

Almost to double digits! Two more days! I’m going to the gym now and I just feel great all round. There is light at the end of the tunnel.


Way to go!!!
Congrats on double digits!!!

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Nice Opal! I’m happy for you!

Wooo wooooo! Me too, 10 days tomorrow. Just finished eating 5 mini chocolate chip cookies. Plowing through the sweets this week but keep telling myself it’s better than beer!
Way to go, let’s all stay strong so we can celebrate a month together.


@Stac Great idea.

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This is awesome!!!

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I’m back on 10 tomorrow also! Got lots accomplished this week including selling an extra vehicle, so my finances will be back in order. Next goals besides daily gym are well, inspection sticker tomorrow, and will probably do my own taxes this year instead of paying them $400.00. It feels good to be accomplishing things instead of practicing avoidance behavior!


I’ll share some cookies with you, lol!

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I need to do my taxes too, I am a huge procrastinator. Also need to start going to the gym regularly. Just being easy with myself this time, I usually try to get everything on track and right all at once and then spin out, I want this time to be the last reset.


Great job! You can do it!

Nice! I just went to the gym yesterday and even though my body feels like it’s been violently attacked by a baseball bat from not having worked out in God knows how long it feels so much better than addiction! Proud of you!

It’s worth it Stac. You can do it!


GO Q-tip GO GO GO! Come on!!! Make those double digits into triples!

It takes a while to get back into a gym routine. I have chronic pain already, so working out adds to the pain, but it helps improve mood and sleep!

Agreed🍰 @JT_Mills…they say to eat something sweet if you have a craving for alcohol!!! I want to trim down too though~

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