Alone on Christmas Eve

This is the first year Ive been alone on Christmas Eve. I moved out of my dads this past year with my boyfriend. Recently my boyfriend and I have been having issues and I’ve been staying with my sister. Tonight he is working and I am back at his house with our dog.

Nothing feels normal. I’m very lonely and a lot of change has happened especially within the last few weeks. It just feels weird and I wasn’t expecting to be 22 and alone on Christmas. It’s an important holiday for me too. Around the time I was going to decorate my boyfriends house and get a tree, is when I moved out. So now I’m sitting in a house with no lights or decorations and it’s a fucking mess and I’m too depressed to clean. But fortunately I have my baby dog.

Sad :frowning:

Also I’m not worried about relapse, I just wanted to share my feelings


Merry Christmas Mel :heart: I’m with you in spirit Mel! If you were near me, I would have you over right now. Things will get better! You’re going to have so many Christmases in the future. But you’ll be fresh, present, and sober! Hug your puppy and watch a Christmas movie :slight_smile:


Hi Mel :yellow_heart:
I’ve been alone on Christmas before and it’s awful. I’m sorry you are sad but happy you have your pup. Thank you for sharing how you are feeling. I promise you aren’t alone here. If you need a laugh check out the memes thread, it always helps me. I know it’s hard but remember this feeling is temporary. You are strong and everything is going to be okay. Merry Christmas :christmas_tree::heart: I’m so glad you are here with us


Merry Christmas! Thank you for the kind words❤️ I am very thankful to be able to share my feelings on this platform and have you guys to support me and boost me and vice versa. I’m cuddling with my dog and watching Elf! Mission accomplished!


Thank you for the validation and the reassurance! I think there is such an expectation of family and company during the holidays so it makes it that much worse when you don’t have it. I will definitely take your advice and check out the meme thread!! Merry Christmas!!:gift::christmas_tree:


Aww Mel. I’m sorry this Christmas is lonely. Like Ravikamor, I’d have you over if you lived close. Cuddle that puppy and snuggle in for the night. Thank you for sharing your feelings. Sending you big hugs :hugs:


Thank you so much for sharing!!!:heart: Merry Christmas :heart:

Sending big hugs to you! Thank you for your kind words! I hope you have had a good day!!:heart: Merry Christmas!

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