Alot of anxiety right now

Went on a little vacation to Destin Florida last week of course Florida is the hardest hit by corona the past week I get home on Saturday and I start coughing a dry cough extreme fatigue follow my chest pain. Went to the urgent care yesterday got an x ray on my lungs they look good no pneumonia which I’ve had and is horrible. Also got tested for Corona swab up the nose which sucked. I just don’t want to die from this really scared I’m going to any minute I’m so hungry and now in isolation with no one at all but so tired and sick to go get food this is horrible. Should get the results in about 3 to 5 days.

even if you do have it a super duper large percentage of people will be fine…just relax because stress doesn’t help your immune system! Just breath and list what you’re thankful for…that helps me when I have anxiety


Anxiety does bring out the worst feelings in all situations. I totally understand what you’re going thru bc I would be having the same feelings in your situation. Statistics say, though, that 85% or more of Corona deaths occur in those over 80, just like any other flu. This year has been crazy with what information we’ve been given. I honestly can’t make myself believe half of what I hear on mainstream news, bc no one truly knows at this point. Please dont work yourself up. It wont help anything. Its something I’ve become accustomed to doing over the years but in the end realized that they’re just thoughts. And they aren’t what’s real. Hydrate, if that’s all you’re capable of right now. A human can live for 2 weeks with no food, but water will keep you alive. And rest. You’ll be okay. Praying for you :pray:

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