Already feeling great

Waking up on day 3 with no drinking! Even though I started my lil lady time of the month I’m already starting to feel myself leveling out. Which is saying a lot. I feel like this app is really helping me put action into quitting instead of just getting hungover on a Sunday and saying “oh I’m definitely not gonna drink for a while” but then getting completely trashed 1 day later. I’ve decided during this process I’m
Going to eat whatever makes me happy. Not too much of course but I’m not going to stress myself out on trying to cut out other things bc I feel like I’ll lash out. Thoughts on that? Anyways. I’m on day 3 feeling already excited and motivated for being a few weeks sober! I can already feel it. Wish everyone the best of luck on your journey. Remember that there are for more fun, satisfying, beneficial things to do besides using. Have a great day all my new sober buddies


So proud! I’m almost to day 7 tomorrow and def feel mentally and physically better. Congrats!!!


Congrats, you got this! I’m new here but im trying lol. Im 9 days drug free so far and I def feel better than I did


Thank you! I hope to meet a lot of kind and like minded people such as myself :grin:

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Good choice! When alcohol is removed from our diet - and all the associated sugars in the drinks - our body (naturally) craves a replacement. It’s normal to crave sweets and other snacks in the first few months (at least - it can be longer).

There is one simple rule: you have permission to do anything that is safe and legal, to maintain your sobriety. Anything, whether it’s what you eat; where you spend time; what job you have; when you go somewhere (or not go); who you choose to spend time with; etc etc.

It’s that simple. You can do anything safe and legal to maintain your sobriety.

You may gain some weight, you may lose some (everyone’s body reacts differently). Don’t worry about it. Just don’t. All the body standards in style and media are sexist bullshit anyway. Forget them. You are developing a relationship with your sober self - and she is interesting and she is beautiful and she is a wonderful, complex, important soul.

Welcome to your sober day! One day at a time. When you wake up, it’s just: today, I am sober. One day at a time.

Take care Mary & remember: you’re a good person, a worthy person, and you belong. You deserve a safe, sober life where you can be your full self.


Yes!! I can’t wait to be 9 days.


Well that may have made me cry in the best way a little but thank you so much. Great advice. It’s relaxing to know I can do whatever I want when it’s in the guidelines of bettering myself. I’m so happy I made this decision


I love this! Because getting sober isn’t easy so we should be rewarding ourselves in other ways! :orange_heart:


You got this!! Tomorro will be 2 weeks for me. Its hard when I have money and im used to wasting it on a habit… kinda feel lost…like…idk what to do with it