Alternatives? Rituals?

Do you guys have any suggestions for alcohol alternatives to drink when you’re really wanting a beer or wine? I know of someone who has gotten really into sparkling water because of the fizzy-ness. What do you guys like?
Also, what are your “winding down after work” rituals without drinking? My job can be extremely high stress, and I turned to alcohol immediately after work to relax…too much. What do you like to do sober to help unwind?


Running, yoga, mtn biking…whatever physical activity you like to reduce stress. Running is great because all you need are the right shoes. Burn off that stress with cardio!

For drinks…I love water. I also am loving sugar for the time being. La Croix flavored fizzy waters are pretty awesome. Watermelon juice is fantastic as well.


I was drinking a lot of sparkling water when I first got sober too. It kinda sore off after while, and I was happy with a regular soda.

My job is petty high stress too. I find being outside in nature helps me, connecting to the land that creates and sustains life …



I had people giving me so many suggestions and I tried a lot of things to see how I liked them for myself. Everyone is different.

I absolutely love meditation! I actually go in between several things. I think journaling is the best to get rid of anger and deal with your emotions, which are valid.

Journaling saved me when I was stuck in a bad situation with my roommate who was using all the time. It definitely prevented me from lashing out at her.

Meditation can be done in different forms. It’s easier for me doing a guided meditation with very light music. You can find some on YouTube, Google searches and even Amazon prime. Prime actually has my favorite one that also helps with insomnia. I’ve fallen asleep everytime before ever hearing the end of the meditation.

But most importantly, you’re reaching out to other sober people. Yay! Go for it! You got this :blush:

Oh and please, don’t be too hard on yourself! Give yourself a break. And fully learn to love yourself.


Ice cold lacroix pure with FRESH lime squeezed into a tumbler glass… pound a few of those and my cravings start to ease up. It’s my go to drink lol


Get yourself a big jug of sugar free green tea. It has natural relaxants. Or make it hot. It’s cheap.

Can you get massages? An hour of no phone, no internet, just a table.

Don’t overlook the power of just doing nothing. Lay in bed or on a couch and just breathe.


Also I watch a lot of cooking channels on YouTube to unwind after work. Then when I have a day off I make something I never tried.

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I tend to drink lots of stronger flavors when I could use a drink. Mainly Monster. For whatever reason it just puts me off wanting a drink. But I do love La Croix! Or really strong lemon water


Hot tea loaded with sugar or root beer

Hey There…

As for me… For the first month at lease… I replaced it with sweet drinks…starting from the second month onwards… I started working out after work… It was the best thing ever… If you are struggling… Try yoga or cardio…wish you well.

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yes!! totally doing this:)

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