An excerpt from my struggle

I’m working on my first week sober again… I can’t seem to do this… I need to get into meetings…I’ve battled with alcohol addiction my whole adult life and now I’ve allowed another addiction to creep in…pain pills…which is far worse than my alcohol addiction…I’m trying to get use to saying out loud to make me know it’s real.


You’re here and you’re sober Christine. It’s good to see you. we all can do it I am absolutely sure so that means you can do it too. meetings seems like a good plan to me. Asap I’d say. In the meanwhile hang with us here. Alone it’s not going to work. Together we have a good chance of winning. Success lady.


Hey lady! Good to see you here. Lots of zoom meetings online. Hang in there and thanks for being here.

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Thank you… I’ve checked local as meetings and I’m going on Monday…will keep you posted

Thank you❤️