An Honest Question Deserves an Honest Answer

I have been asking myself this question lately mainly because I’m pretty twisted I suppose. Well, here goes: If you had just been diagnosed with a terminal disease and your physician informed you that you only had about thirty days of life left. How would you behave? Would you remain sober or would you throw caution to the wind knowing full well that your days on Earth were numbered? It’s a tough question right? To be honest, I would go out partying my ass off! Remember…answer honestly!

I know that if I went back to drinking then on that last day I would have no memories of the previous 29 and in all likelihood would have wasted quite a few of them lying on the sofa doing nothing but feeling awful.

I would stay sober and fill every waking minute with experiences. Seeing things and saying goodbye to friends.


I would hope I stay sober. I rarely think of alcohol now and do not miss it at all (guess I am lucky).

I would spend time with my loved ones and hopefully create nice lasting memories of me rather than “didn’t he go crazy at the end”.


I watched The Place Beyond the Pines last night on Netflix. Ryan Gosling is a bank robber and it’s based in Scenectady!

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My friend is currently in this situation. She was given 6 months to live about 4-5 monrhs ago from drinking she is 35. She has stayed sober mostly the whole time, but lately I think she is getting bored, she does not go to aa or have a sponsor. She did tell me b4 if she could have it her way, and not let anyone down ( her family) she wanted to go somewhere tropical on a beach and drink. :frowning: this was her honest answer.

My other friend just passed a month ago she was told a year ago to quit drinking, or she would die. She continued anyway. She did get sober for a bit, then one relapse ended up with a month binge, trip to the ER vomiting blood, and into a coma. 32 years old.

As far as me, I would stay sober. So people could remember me, not in a funk or haze, not irrationally lashing out. No. I would definitely want peace, and to be with the ones I love, 100% sober.


My brain says stay sober so I can live those days to the absolute fullest…but I honestly don’t know if I would. I can see myself trying to numb the fears.

Good question.

I hope to be sober at that time, for my family and friends. That the last moments will not be of the drunk mom/friend :v:


I would stay sober… Nothing good ever comes from me drinking anymore or using. And plus, the only time ive ever been truely happy was when i was sober. Not just those little tid bits of happiness either. Like i wake up everyday, happy that i was awoken for another day to actually live. Not damning god for waking me. There were many days i didnt want to wake up because i knew what the day was going to hold… And that was being sick and tired.
Id also spend as much time as i could with my family and friends, sober of course. Not messed up and not being the mentally, emotionally, hell probably not even physically either… Id be doing my own thing like always… Never cared enough, i was very selfish while out there using and drinking. Very selfish…
But today i dont have to live like that. And i can thank that to being sober…

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I’d probably not drink, knowing what kind of personality changes I have, and how I’d just drink all day into oblivion + I’d like to remember. I think I’d try some pot and see how I handled that by itself.

I would try to stay sober and try to make special memories that my kids and family would remember me by. I’ve had my share of the crazy lifestyle, for me it’d be about making them happy.

Good question! I’d like to say I wouldn’t give in but I’m not 100% sure

Stay sober 100%! I don’t know man, drinking really stopped being fun for me a long time ago. I can’t even remember the last good time I had drinking.

Who knows tho. Maybe hearing that I have 30 days would give me a case of the “fuck it’s”. My educated guess would be “fuck no” but never say never.

I truly believe that I would spend that time with my wife and son. Give them a handful more of good memories to carry forever instead of bad ones.

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Seeing some comments from both sides of the fence, but after flags I think it’s best if we close this one down. Some of it just steers too far away from sobriety.