An interesting article (with a bad headline)


Ignore the terrible headline. I found this a thought provoking read on getting sober, so I wanted to share it. I feel much the same way, obviously we are all different and find our own paths to sobriety, but I do like the trend toward sobriety I see emerging…however you get there.


Yes, I find young people, and 30s is young to me😃, are getting it. The more you know.


I agree Joanie. My daughter (age 39) and her friends/peers are very cognizant of their drinking and the sobriety movement. Makes me happy to see a slight cultural/generational shift.


“The term “alcoholic” places the problem within the person, not within the nature of the drug.”

Wow. I like that. I actually don’t have a problem calling myself an alcoholic in my meetings and on here…I’m with people who get what I’m going through. But I don’t say it “out there”. And I think this is the reason why. I’m not the problem. The problem is alcohol. Yes, I got addicted to it faster than other people might but ultimately it is an addictive substance, becoming addicted to it is not a character flaw.


It varies from person to person. For some the drug is the problem and for others the drug is a solution to the problem. Anyone can become addicted. The question is why are we addicted.


Great article. I love reading things like this. Its a completely different perspective than what I have. 1) it makes me think about my views, and 2) its a reminder that while we are all here for a common problem, there are many different ways to overcome it.


Agreed. Though I don’t necessarily share some of the views as the writer, she does recognize that her drinking was a problem then took steps to rectify that problem. That’s the message I took at least


It is a shame the comparison of quiting smoking to quiting drinking. We should be more encouraging. The stigmatisme is awful. I remember how I was so afraid to admit I was being treated for anxiety years ago. Now I talk very openly about it, as society is way more open about mental health. One day perhaps it will be the same about alcohol. It’s funny I always thought that I had an addictive personality but never did I think I was drinking an addictive substance. Of course it’s addictive! Duh


Great article, thanks for sharing! So true in sooo many ways!!!


I agree with a lot of it but ultimately I’m to blame for my problem…


Fascinating article. I can relate to a lot of what she says! Thanks for sharing :sunny: