And.... Day one again

:expressionless: I’m tired. I feel broken. Useless. I can’t blame anyone because it’s my choices that brought me to this place. But what’s the point being alive. It’s so bloody pointless.

Day one is a start. It is the very first stepping stone. You are in charge of where the path leads. Now where do you want to go?

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Sorry to hear your having a hard time maybe a meeting might help ,people there will understand and have gone through the same as you, get phone numbers .sound as if you need support and direction wish you well


Hi @Jrmmar you sound really down atm… this will pass as you start getting sober…i felt like you 250 days ago… starting my day 1 again! All the disappointment in myself and in the eyes of the ones who love me…make this the time you build a new you from the broken pieces…discard the addicted you and build on all your good bits…it takes time but believe me it does get much much better… week 1 is crap with withdrawal… but make sure you eat rest and distract yourself when you feel tempted… keep going 1 day at a time and keep checking in with the forum… good luck to you…it can be done :grin:


I second Rob. I was going to type that I’m sorry that you’re going through all of the feelings of shame and sadness and self loathing…but then I realized, it’s called rock BOTTOM for a reason. You might feel powerless right now…BUT…you do have the power to take the feelings you’re having right now and make what is (in my opinion) one of the greatest decisions you could make in your life. Do you have a support system? Is there an out patient program you could look for? Meetings maybe? Can you think back to what the trigger was? There are many out there, that if you just reach out, can give you the tools you need to make this Day One stick. Please come on here as much as you need today (and everyday!) to help you. I’ll be thinking of you today. Good luck out there.
Much Love,