And What to My Wandering Eyes 😂 Should Appear!

I waslooking in the mirror this morning. I’ve looked at my Eyes everyday to wash, put makeup on, ect. For the First time in Countless Years,I actually saw the WHITES of MY EYES!! THIS IS HUGE!! It means my Liver is Healing Extremely Well!! I haven’t seen my Eyes in 20+ years!


So funny you bring that up. I was thinking that the other day as I was putting on make up. It’s the first time in years that most days my eyes aren’t bloodshot Nd super watery. Then I wondered if others thought that was normal or knew what was going on. Not that it’s that important but at the same time does make me wonder. That’s wonderful news about your liver. Out of curiosity was there any other physical sign that your liver had been affected?

You can always tell the difference in the eyes. Even when my allergies are shit the red is a clear red, a completely different red than when I was messed up all the time.

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@Acall111484 The absolute poof in the gut from the liver being larger is gone. The yellowing in my finger nails. The grey in my to nails. All related. All gone. The pain in the tummy was the worst. It was there when I was drinking, I just medicated as not to feel it. Once I put down. OMG… The Shit got real. My Kidneys were shutting down. Liver was shot. Heart was a mess. I was put in ICU for a week. Before I was put on the Rehab floor!! 2 years sure makes a difference to your physical health!!

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