Animals that are arseholes


I’m with @C-sun and @Englishd - people

I have certainly been called an arsehole before and they were probably right. I try not to be one now but I fail every now and again but I am much much less of an arsehole now I think.


Yeah . Just like me :joy: but cute though


Hahaha, everything you said about raccoons. But I kind of respect them, for thriving amongst humans in urban areas. I mean… How? They are resilient bastards.


Spiders are assholes definitely!!! Nobody needs them


We have quail. Those ones with that little string coming off the front of their heads with that pea looking thing attached. These birds are the ultimate daredevil jaywalkers. Break checking assholes! They love to wait until the last second before darting out into front of your car…a whole line of them. They can hurry and fly off, but they don’t, they wait until you almost hit them with your car.


Llamas/Alpacas- seemingly nice until they spit right in your face. Hasn’t been done to me personally but is a total asshole move!


I will personally attest to the Ticks. Any member of the Lounge will know that I’ve had a very close encounter with one. Surprised I dont have PTSD from it.

No one has mentioned moles. Tearing up your lawn and crap. Fricken underground dirt rats.


True! Definitely resilient and they are so cute lol sneaky cute


Monkeys have thrown their own shit at me. I had forgotten that gem of living in Europe. Assholes.


Manatees are assholes. Ugly bastards, hard to believe sailors back in the day thought they were mermaids


Plus, they’re endangered and float in areas where people want to boat. Know what the fine is for killing a manatee with your speedboat? Up to $100,000 or a year in jail!


Bigfoot is an asshole


They, the ugly manatee, should be handcuffed and thrown on the clink so they can have some time to think about their behavior.


WHAT are you saying?!?!?


Staying all hidden and shit. He needs to show himself


Yes this is true. but besides all that they are not assholes.


Down here they call them wood apes. Surprised one of the locals haven’t shot one.

In Florida they are called swamp apes. Surprised some tourist from Indiana hasn’t run one over.


Copperheads…not just cuz they’re venomous, rattlesnakes are too but they’re chill as long as u dont mess with em, they even warn u to step the fuck off if u get close, but copperheads are notoriously aggressive little sumbitches


Agreed on the deer too. I’ve wrecked 6 cars hitting those bastards…totaled a new truck I’d just bought one time driving through the country, about 15 of em ran out of a field and i hit one b4 i could get stopped and 3 more slammed into the side of the truck :rage: