Ankle monitor and sobriety

I’ve been on ankle monitor for 3 weeks after being in jail for 24 days. It was my first time in jail and it was an experience that has helped my with my sobriety. I’ve been clean for 46 day as and I have 27 days left on the program.


Congratulations on 46 days. That’s amazing. X

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Some people say fuck all to the monitor and keep on doing their shit.

You made a mistake, and you’re accepting the challenge.

Good work on 46 days, I really started to embrace being sober around that point, the days weren’t so gray and my anger at life started to recede.


That’s amazing I’m 46 days tomorrow,I’ve also been to prison,it was hard but like you it got me clean,be on ya guard and have back up plans for when ya tag is taken off as the freedom may set you off,if this does happen it good to have a support group or something along them lines in place well done mate you should be proud of yourself.x


I had to wear an alcohol ankle monitor for 6 months 2 years ago. That thing sucked. I was lucky it happened to be the colder months so I could conceal it pretty well.

At that time in my life I wasnt ready to change and drove immediately to the liquor store when they took it off. Ended up worse off than before I got in trouble. I wish I would’ve taken all the help they tried giving me during that time bc I’d be so much further into sobriety. But I’m there now. 56 days and I’m not looking back.

So keep your eye on the prize and get all you can out of that program and find other support networks to continue on after. Whatever it takes for you. Wish you well.


My doc is weed but meth had a hold on me too…but I feel so much healthier without all the chemical crap.


Congrats on 46 days. Sounds like this experience has shown you a better life. Do the work to stay on track and your life can only get better.

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I have been on the ankle monitor since Sept. I was in jail 2 1/2 months awaiting a bed at a rehab. After completing a 90 day program I too can say that I learned a lot about myself. Keep on pushing forward it only gets better from here on…


Gulfport, you are currently on ankle monitor?

So one of my friends just got off ankle monitor a week ago and they found her dead from an overdose last night.

I currently have 51 days clean


Sorry to hear that

That’s awfull, my condolences.
Hope this experience will let you stay clean.

Good luck on recovery :pray:t2:

Have you watched the Roadmap to recovery? it can be a helpful tool for the weeks to come.

Terrible news.
My thoughts go out to all affected by their passing.

That could be you, that could be any of us, that’s why sobriety is serious shit. It’s life and death to many of us.

Sorry for your loss, the finality of death is such a terrible feeling.


Yes. House Arrest

Congratulations on 46 days!! Keep it up!

53 days clean and only 21 days left on ankle monitor

Good morning my sober community

Morning. How is everything?