Anniversary of best friends death is today


Today 3.13.18 is the 9 year anniversary of my best friends death. Her name was Kelcy and died in a freak car accident on her way to our other friends duneral. That one was due to a drunk driving accident. Kelcy was on her way to that friends funeral when something happened and she drove into a river… I was crushed when she never showed to the funeral and come to find out, she had died, on her way there… i left message after message on her phone to please just call me… and i never got to talk to her again… i never got to say goodbye! I have a lot of unanswered questions about this, 9 years later! And ill never get any answers until we meet again… but i have accepted that today.
Id like to tell you guys some good things about Kelcy if thats ok…
She had the most beautiful smile ive ever seen… She would light up a room when she walked in to it. She loved to ride horses and make people laugh. She was nice as ever and smart. Great with kids! We use to answer the phone a certain way for each other, so i knew it was her calling lol. She had a lot of friends and was very loveable!
I miss her so much! Some days are easier than others, but i no longer have to use or drink on any of those days… my now best friend just messaged me and told me how proud she would be of me for being sober today! Because God knows ive been at it a really long time… We have a Facebook wall dedicated to her and we can go on and write to her whenever we want… Well i use to write her atleast every 6 months asking her for help and to watch over me. And finally one day i went back and was reading those posts and was realized how much i really did need to get it together… so today i have 14 months sobriety and boy has she helped me achieve getting those months… When im down or just need to know shes watching over me i ask her to give me a sign, and what do you know, i see the coincidences, that are more to me than just a coincidence to me… I miss her so much and love her to this day! I talk to her every now and then because its hard on me when i do talk to her…
Everyone deals with death differently! But today i know i dont have to use or drink over it… whats done is done and out of my control! I am powerless over the death, but do have the choice to make if im going to use or not… i have a choice today! Once i use, the power of choice is gone. Plain and simple. There once was a time i would use this day as an excuse to use and drink. But i no longer have to live that way. Not once has using helped me deal with her death…
Thanks for listening guys. If anyone would like to share their experience with someone you have lost, go for it. Just dont forget to remember the good things too…


Lost my two older bros last year and moved house aswell stressfull year but stayed sober


Thank you for sharing this, @Just4Today. You two must have had a special bond. May she rest in peace… and may you have a sober and happy life.


I am so sorry for your loss, but am proud of you in the way you have turned your life around. Thank you for sharing your story and the happy memories of your friend.
Positive karma all around :grin: