Another set back

Once again I messed up :disappointed_relieved:

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Just keep trying, that’s all you can do! Feel good about yourself that you realized you had a slip and will try again!

Thanks it really sucks but will try harder this time

Relapses can happen. What type of tools do you have in your toolbag to help you prevent relapse from happening again? We’re here to help, but simply saying, I hope it doesn’t happen again usually ends with disappointment.

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Don’t beat yourself down, that’s what the addiction wants you to do. Try to learn lesson from it, and add new tools. How much time did you have?

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Don’t beat yourself up. I relapsed recently… on day 8.56 now. It’s frustrating and depressing but try and focus on what went wrong so you can have a plan for next time you feel like caving. Hang in there!