Another weekend here and gone

Unlike the first two weekends of my sobriety where I stayed in and watched movies, I made myself go out and socialize and enjoy other people’s company without the crutch of alcohol. Admittedly, I was a little nervous about being in large crowds where everyone else was enjoying a drink but I wanted to put myself to the challenge (I felt ready).

So I started off Friday night by meeting a friend at a club/bar. We never see each other much anymore since he has a baby now so I didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to see him. We were out for less than an hour when the decision to go to the casino was made. Sipped some water. I hadn’t been there in a long time so I agreed. I drove us downtown and we spent almost two hours there. Still no drink. Then the group of gentlemen decided to go to a strip club :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I figured why not, I have my car and can leave at any time - as my friend had another way home. When we got to the club, our group had already gotten a bottle or two for the section, when I was asked what I’d like, I ordered a water. I spent about an hour there, mostly catching up with my friend. I then decided I was ready to head home. Normally I’d stay out until wherever I was closed. Drove safely and confidently home and woke up 100% sober.

Tonight, I had a dinner planned with my best friend and my cousin. We went to a local restaurant. There was a long wait for a table so we went to the bar to wait. My friend ordered wine, I got a water. We talked for about fifteen minutes until my cousin arrived then moved to the waiting room section. In this almost hour long wait, I would’ve downed at least three, if not more, drinks. At the table, my cousin and friend both ordered wine, I requested another water. We stayed a little over two hours probably. After this, my cousin had to take her baby home and my friend and I decided to meet another friend at the bar. I was driving and kept in mind again that we could leave whenever we wanted. My friend we met up with was already wasted and ordering more drinks and shots. She then proceeded to get high (weed) as well. She was a mess and her friend was even worse. We stayed maybe an hour and a half then decided to head home. I drank like five waters. This was a good test because there were two guys there who offered to buy us drinks several times and asked why I wasn’t drinking. I told them I just wasn’t in the mood and that I was driving. They let up and got me my requested waters instead.

Now I am home, at one am, reflecting on everything. I feel happy and proud that I was able to resist and say no so many times this weekend. I can also say that I had a good time, as well. Things weren’t as exciting as they used to _seem_but I can accept that when I feel this good and clear headed after being out. This was a really long post but it helps to get it all out and keep track of my progress. I am looking forward to going to church and the gym in the morning :muscle::raised_hands:

Here’s to hitting my three weeks tomorrow! Feel free to share any of your successes from this weekend! Id love to hear how you overcame your struggles!


You’ve named your enemy, faced your enemy, and defeated your enemy. Huzzah!

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Well done, I have this ahead of me & this was great to read.