Anxiety at it’s finest

My anxiety has been OVER TOP the last few days! I was so positive and motivated and the last two days have hit me like a ton of bricks. I often hide in the bathroom crying it out, my sleep is very restless with nightmares. I don’t have the urge to drink but I feel like my brain is trying to process without alcohol and all honesty… it’s ****ing me up! I’m going to treatment 4 days a wk, 3 hrs a day. I’ve started attending meetings but I still have those times I’m lost, sad, broken, and everything running threw my brain at once. With a break up, losing my job, rent due… I’m really struggling emotionally. Next week I see a psychiatrist and hopefully get put on meds but that’s still 5 days away… I hope I can hang on.


I went through alot of the same. And still do have my days, including today. Where I was going into the bathrooms here at work and crying, being upset at everything. So I know the feeling. What’s saving me and stopping me from drinking and what helped me in the beginning? Idk honestly, I geuss trying to remember the pain before sobriety, the everyday anxiety, the everyday hate, wanting to be dead everyday. I’m having a shit day today, but I’m sober. I don’t want to die anymore. Just keep pushing through it will pass. First thing I’m doing when I get home is taking a nap, maybe try that might wake up feeling refreshed. Have a good day, keep pushing. It’s worth it I promise


Wow. You are doing so good. 15 days. That’s great. I am sorry your anxiety is going through the roof. That can make things really hard. But you said it’s not making you want to drink. That’s another win. I hate just saying hang in there. But it will get better. Keep talking to people about your feelings. Cry it out. Are you getting exercise? Meditation? I’m totally stressed out my self right now but mostly because of the election. COVID-19. Afraid to go out. Winter and darkness setting it. There’s a lot of shit out there that really sucks!! And here we are trying to do it all sober!! It takes some hard work.
Remember this all will pass. You seem to be doing all the right things. Keep thinking of your wonderful kids. And how worthy you are of a sober life.


You can definitly hang on im sorry your going thru all of this right now :pensive::pray: sending prayers right now . All i can say is everything will be ok your doing everything you can right now your putting effort you are pushing through …your strength to seek all this help will shine at the end theres always light at the end of the tunnel i know its something always said but dont let none of these things get the better of you dont be hard on yourself either i was once there trust me its a rollercoaster your 15 days in thats amazing take it onother 15 days i promise it gets better all anxiety will subside sending prayers :pray:


My anxiety has been the same. And its just been the last two days as well. I’m on day 6 and man o man did I want to drink but, I didn’t. Stay strong

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I can relate, my anxiety was through the roof that first month. I went through a lot of life changes just like you. What helped me was to try and find the positive in each scenario.

You lost your job but you mentioned you got another making more money. Try to think about that as an exciting new adventure. Try to see the breakup as time to focus on yourself and to get to know you. You now have time to become a better version of yourself.

All these changes are positive even though it’s difficult to see that right now. Look at it as a fresh start. A good cry along with a sweet treat helps. Believe me, I had a lot of those days but you’re strong and you’ll get through this. Sending you a huge hug. :hugs:


You guys are great. I appreciate all your kind words. Hot tea for the night and hopefully a better day tomorrow.


Please try to!! Im a month in and ive found my anxiety is getting worse aswell. A few days ago I just kept having mini panic attacks all day, feeling of being trapped, heavy chest, needing deep continuous breaths, sweating and then one moment of just crying my eyes out.

On the up side since ive stopped drinking ive found that my temper is ALOT better. Road rage is nearly non existent and im able to check myself if i feel that someone has “made me angry” or “annoying” me.

Anyways im not going to keep going on I just wanted you to know that your not alone. When I get like that my cravings shoot up to a 10 out of 10 but I try to remember the feelings and thoughts I had on the day that I decided to try and stay sober. It helps me maybe it will help you? I know that if i start again It will be a need not a want and that i’ll feel awful in so many ways after!!! Also it will “give me permission” to start smoking again etc.

Please dont cave! You may find that your anxiety starts to ease with time. :love_you_gesture: :pray: :facepunch: