Anxiety help

Does anyone else feel major anxiety, just shows up out of the blue and hits you hard. Not sure how to cope with this I’m already on medication for depression and anxiety but sometimes it’s so bad my brain won’t let me think of anything else. I think about situations I’m going to be in where drinking and being social is involved or I think about the past and if people are still talking about me and what I’ve said and while I don’t want to be a hermit and stay in my apartment all the time it really is where I feel most comfortable and at ease. Am I the only one ?


Lavender oil really helps me out. I always keep a vial of it in my room. Still get the occasional panic attack out of nowhere and it really brings me back from a stressful episode

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I suffer from anxiety and depression also. And i experience the same thing. So youre not alone. But with the more sobriety you get, the better your mental health gets. Thats how it is for me anyways… in the beginning, my anxiety was horrible. I didn’t know how to live sober or handle situations sober. It could be something as simple as going to a crowded grocery store. I didn’t do good in big crowds… but the more i went, the better my anxiety got. So my point is, it takes practice. I had to just keep going to these gatherings, or crowded places and fight through it. I did it one day at a time. I tried not to think about the future much, just handled these things as they came. Sometimes o woild break my day down into increments. Like ok, im going to go to this gathering. And while at the gathering, id take it 30 min to 30 min. So break your day down, set little goals for yourself to accomplish. At the end of the day, i felt i had accomplished something, so go me.
And btw, your powerless over people. And ive learned, someone is always going to have something to say, no matter what. So i dealt with it as best i could, when these things would happen. If someone hounded me for something i did in the past. I would just say something along the lines like, yes i did do that, but im not that person anymore. Im trying my best to make better decisions today. Now your response will depend on the situation, but thats just an example… but like let people say what they need to, and actually listen. And sometimes, a situation doesnt even need a response. Silence is key in thoughs situations that if you responded would only make it worse… ive learned a lot in sobriety and with age lol. So try to respond rather than react. Not every situation requires reaction or a response… use your best judgement.
Hope this helps!


Wow this applies to me so much, I’m glad I’m not alone I just got this app 3 days ago (3 days sober) so yes I’m quite new and the times I have been sober for a few months my mental health has been so much better I don’t think there is a better feeling than being able to manage your mental health, and that’s the reason why I’m doing this, mental health has affected me huge in the past years and I know it’s because of the alcohol and drugs. thank you so much for your words of wisdom, I’m 25 so I’m still learning


Thank you both for the oil essentials suggestions I will definitely try this out!

Hey, hey! I’m a huge anxiety sufferer. My addiction was alcohol and anxiety meds (benzos). In my very early recovery my anxiety was crippling. I had agoraphobia for about two months and could only go to my treatment. My neighbor went to the store and got cigs for me. It was kind of humiliating. But like some here, once I made my first trip to the store it was on! Slowly I forced myself to go to more and more places and made sure I went often. Exposure therapy can be a little scary but it DOES work.

That said, the last few days my anxiety has been really, REALLY bad. Just like some others here i just took it’s small chunks at a time. I was ready to give up a kidney for a Xanax! I didn’t taken one. Then today around 9:30 AM it all dissipated. Whew!

So yeah, anxiety is in all of us to some level. The more clean time the better mental health (to some extent). Haha, my psychiatrist decided a few months ago that she doesn’t think I’m Bipolar. Talk about great news!

Hang in there friend! Someone is always around here if you need an ear.

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Not alone, friend :grin::orange_heart:. I was surprised by my therapist’s diagnosis of panic disorder and PTSD. I have a hard time staying in the present. I tend to oscillate between a nervous consideration of my future prospects and how I’m not getting enough done to reach them or disappointment and regret about past actions. Staying present is really challenging.

But I echo what @Just4Today said. Straight up, length of time in sobriety is making a difference.

Other things that help me are self care. So slowing down and spending the evening on activities that make me feel good (I have to accept that tonight is “a wash” aka not working on achieving any particular goals). Slow cook a meal, just make the apartment really comfortable and light some candles. Manicure, pedicure, face mask, put your feet up, watch a show.

Other thing that helps is trying to get a little bit isolated in nature. So if you have access to Parks, trails etc. Really look deeply at your surroundings and notice the little details. Sit quietly and observe. I know it sounds hokey but I do think communing with nature on a regular basis does wonders. I know tree hugger is an insult, but have you ever hugged a tree? It feels good.

I got to see the Rocky mountains from the top of the Flatirons and I must have sat there for half an hour in silence with tears streaming down my face. It feels really comforting and safe when I recognize I’m this teeny tiny part of this big, beautiful, chaotically ordered universe. I have the awesome privilege of being alive, conscious, and present.

Another comforting thing I have learned through my chosen support program is that there are people who still suffer with mental illness in sobriety, and that may mean taking medication under a doctor’s care and direction. I know people who are successfully doing exactly that. So like other people here have mentioned you may want to go that route. There is no shame in it as long as you are being honest.

I suck at being brief! :zipper_mouth_face:

Best of luck to you :green_heart::four_leaf_clover:


Hopefully these things lessen as you are sober longer. I know it doesn’t always work like that, but our using definitely affects our moods and stress level and emotions, and we take a while to clean out and reset.