Anxiety @ max

I’m at 1 month 6days clean of oppoates… but I’m still at an 8/10 on the anxiety scale I can’t even turn my brain off for meditation… any one else experiencing this?

Today I’m at a high anxiety level and having trouble concentrating but I know where it’s coming from…taxes and “adulting” stuff. Once I do what I can and just breathe, it will get better.

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I’ve totally been experiencing anxiety on a new level. I’ve always had situational anxieties (flying, elevators, enclosed spaces etc) but now it is all day general anxieties. I am trying to do everything I can to not find myself on multiple chronic medications later in life (diet, exercise, etc etc etc) but this anxiety stuff seems to be getting the better of me.

Maybe I always had these anxieties but alcohol was my own self medication. Now without the alcohol to numb myself I can’t avoid the anxieties.

Maybe I need therapy.

This is true…I didn’t know if I could do the meditation thing until I got a nudge from @Oliverjava Angie here and tried it. Whenever I can’t sleep, feel stressed or antsy, or just want something good to do…I find a meditation I like. It’s done wonders.