Anxiety spikes in ther afternoon

ive been sober 5 full days. im at 126 hours without pot and alcohol.

I know that picking all that crap up will just make me feel even worse. it could bring me back to bad people snd places. also the misery of trying to get pot or alcohol. id have to get a one day chip if I do. those 4 reasons are locked in my head. I guess without knowing it, im working the first step.

im definitely a morning bird. I wake up early everyday around 645am. the early afternoon (11am to about 12pm ) im usually in very good spirits.
my anxiety started at 1pm today. yesterday it spiked at 3pm

i actually feel a lot better now that im writting

I think I need domething to occupie my time. first I need to make a schedule

from 645 to 8am, ill get ready for the day
from 8 am till about 4 ill be at my day program
from 4pm to about 6 will be all about a healthy lifestyle like eating a healthy dinner and working out
from 6pm till 8pm will be to educate myself on my addictions though youtube and other online sources.
from 8pm and on will be to bring my day to quiet and ready for a nights sleep

I feel better now : )
thank you for letting me vent


Have you thought about going to AA? For me it has been the answer and I’ve managed to stay sober 11 months.


Keep coming back! Keep venting here and reading about the struggles of your sober brothers & sisters. It helps you and when you share, you’re helping us.

Anxiety has become a big part of my life in the last year or so. I used to drink in order to deal. But often times the drinking only made it worse or made me act out on my anxieties in destructive ways. Now that I’m sober (10 days) I’m starting to see that when I work the steps and deal with it head on, I can actually make progress. Everytime I have a panic attack, it’s a little easier to deal with than the time before, because I’m finally processing the who/what/where/when/why’s, on my own.
Doing this sober, is its own form of exercise and just like hitting the gym, you get stronger and it gets a little tiny bit easier every day.

Hang in there. Surrender to a higher power (as you understand it) and be kind to others. You’re already doing great.

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I’m proud of you. My anxiety is getting better everyday. Yours will too. Keep up the awesomeness. I like your schedule. I need to jot one down too. Your days will get better with time. Be kind and patient with yourself. Have a wonderful day☺


i felt a bit hesatint on AA latley but I think its time for me to give it another try. ill just try to work AA nice and easy

very good advice and example of actions. makes me very motivated to figure out my who what when where and whys

I have a 12 step book on me so I guess im going to start my sober journy with step one

being patient with myself is something I really need to practice. being kind is also a bit blurry for me and I need to work on that, its not so much that im mean but I need to try and help others a bit more. I guess I lost track in my illusion of drinking and drugging, that people who hace helped me might need a hand themselves

I’m not so good at being kind to myself either. Then I see other people beating themselves up and I empathize with them. This is quite a journey and it gets overwhelming, but it will get better. I need to practice what I preach😉

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lol yes I need to practice that also. patients is needed and also a bit quieter with my mouth with the preaching. i just get excited about a new life ahead. no more begging , no more being shot down, and having good friends who ligit care

I get excited and impatient with my soberiety. I always think, “Why can’t it be a year already!”. That kind of thinking scares me when I do it. On the bright side, I’m NOT 40 yet! I have to remind myself to slow down and give thanks for the present. Plus, I’m not ready to be 40 yet​:joy::joy:. So glad I’m sober for today​:+1:

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living in the present time definitely helps. we are here right now doing what we need to do for ourselves. one day at a time :slight_smile: just one day at a time

Have you tried or considered daily meditation?


that would be interesting

ill check it out right now

sounds really good

im going to look into it more and try to find a meditation that works for me :slight_smile: